Why You Should Try A Modern-Day Midwife


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Who says you have to leave the comfort of your own home now to get ANYTHING? Now that goes for pap smears as well!

I was intrigued and slightly skeptical, when I heard about Staten Island based Midwife, Jacklyn Salama Lahav, who visits your home to do a routine gynecological exam. However, she’s an affordable $100 (though blood work or pap smears are additional, however she does accept health insurance which covers those costs). After I did some research on this lady, I felt sure enough that she was legit to contact her and talk to her about .

Jacklyn recently started making house calls when she realized most ladies dread their annual visit to the gynecologist. I know I do. It sucks. Most women dislike it so much (myself included) that just put those exams off – sometimes a little longer than we should – because they can be awkward, dreadful and time consuming. Seriously, who really likes going to the doctor and waiting around to be called into a cold room, having to strip down naked, and wait forever for a nagging gyno to shove a speculum all up in there?

As a female, Jacklyn understood those discomforts, decided to change things and took her gynecology show on the road. Like a vagina circus! Her goal is to make that ungodly routine exam more comfortable, all in the privacy of your own home. I set up an appointment, after a friend told me how great her our experience was.

But before I called, I wanted to know what the difference was between a midwife and a standard gynocologist. As I understand it:

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    • Brianna

      I love my midwife, she doesn’t make house calls, but she does take way more time and interest than any gyno I’ve had.