My 10 Favorite ‘Mistakes’ I’ve Made (That You’ve Probably Made, Too)

Fuck-ups are deliciously human. Apparently, I thought this from the very beginning... as my sister fears for her life.

Personally, I think mistakes are one of the best parts about life. They’re inevitable, more common than you’d like them to be, often embarrassing and/or humiliating and always teach a lesson. Life is about learning lessons, people!

However, one person’s idea of a mistake isn’t always the same. I thought my friend’s choice to have us all in orange for her wedding was a mistake, but for some reason she did not agree with me. Just as I strongly feel the decision to have an ice cream sandwich for dinner was brilliant, while my mother actually said it was a “mistake,” because she thinks I’m still a five-year-old and prone to sugar highs. See how that goes? Mistakes are subjective! Mistakes are fun! Where in the world would we be without the mistakes that have shaped our lives and made us who we are? You know the answer…


I have made thousands of mistakes in my life (as we all have.) Some were clearly mistakes, so were anything but (in my humble opinion) and some, like the following, were my favorite “mistakes.” Why the quotes? Well, if I didn’t have everyone around me telling me that these particular choices were mistakes, than I wouldn’t have known — that’s how much I love them!

I’m sure many of you are going to agree on at least a few of these; unless you’re mistake-less, of course. If that’s the case, then no one wants to know you anyway, because that shit’s just boring. BORING.

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    • Ms. Pants

      I’m pretty sure we live parallel lives. Or are soulmates. Or both. Oh hey! Let’s just both be the Evil Twin, k?

      • Amanda Chatel

        Did you go through a hippy phase, too?!?! (Say “yes.” I don’t want to be alone.)

      • Ms. Pants

        You’re gonna make me say it OUT LOUD?! (Okay fine, yes. There are photos too, but I have them all, thankfully.)

    • Ellen W.

      Does every college radio station have a freaky couch? I’ve only been part of two college radio stations and in both I was considered wildly couragous for sleeping on the couches. The college newspapers I’ve been part of were only impressed when I slept on the floor.

      • Amanda Chatel


        It was so nasty so I always chose the floor for meetings. The only time I slept on it was if I was drunk in the middle of campus and needed to sleep it off, because at that point you don’t care. But yeah, you should totally get an internet high-five for sleeping on your station’s couch.

    • MR

      I’m by no means faultless. I like to lift people up when they are down, cause it doesn’t cost me a dime. But some people are just self destructive in their behavior. I don’t cut anyone like that slack.