“I Would Totally Go Clubbing With My Mom”

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So, Lindsay Lohan had a major run in the law this week, when she and her mother got into a limo fight in the wee hours of the morning after partying at some club (you can listen to the extremely depressing emergency phonecall Lindsay made to her father Michael over at TMZ). Anyway, the story inspired us to wonder, what kind of person goes clubbing with his/her parents? The answer is Gloss EIC Jennifer Wright. …but she does it for the waffles.

Jennifer: So, I will begin this lively debate by saying that Lindsay Lohan went clubbing with her mother and then got into a fight in the limo with her. Apparently her mom was on cocaine. She called her father, who (bizarrely) accused the limo driver of kidnapping her. It all seems very strange and sad. So. Would you go clubbing with your mom? I would probably go clubbing with my mom. I think that’s all I have to say. I would totally go clubbing with my mom. Full stop. End of debate.

Ashley: Hold on. I, too, would like to say I found that harried phonecall to her father profoundly sad. He’s so manipulative! He immediately suggests she’s being kidnapped. When the driver gets on the line and cooly insists that he is indeed not kidnapping anyone, Michael changes his tune to suggest that Dina’s kidnapping Lindsay. Still, the saddest thing of all is when it’s revealed that Lindsay gave Dina $40k so she could “keep her house,” and Michael insists that Dina’s manipulating Lindsay for money… and that’s the one time you believe anything he says. Oh, also, I would not go clubbing with my mom. Are you fucking crazy?

Jennifer: I would probably go clubbing with the limo driver. He seems like the only sane person IN THE WORLD during that conversation, given that he just keeps calmly repeating, “I am not kidnapping your daughter” and offering to pull over. Do you think you see a lot of weird stuff as a limo driver? Probably, right?

Ashley: Oh my god, almost certainly. It’s like everything a cab driver sees except fancier! Then again, they probably see the same amount of drunks soiling themselves as cabbies. And yeah, that guy deserves a medal for keeping his cool while a crazed Michael Lohan is threatening to “call the feds” on him for kidnapping Lindsay Lohan.

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    • jamiepeck

      I went “clubbing” with my mom a couple weekends ago. We drank some wine and danced to soul music with my friends. It was fun! I don’t think that’s the kind of clubbing we are talking about here, though.

    • Jessie

      I was just casually hate – looking through (read: unabashedly hate – creeping through) a high school acquaintances photo album of the hideous wedding she just had. I noticed that her mom came with her on her bachelorette and I just found it plain weird. I know some gals invite their mom along for their evening/weekend of debauchery and penile paraphernalia – but honestly I just don’t get it. I love my mom with ever fiber of my being – but there is a time and a place to get drunk and say inappropriate aloud to one another, and it’s Thanksgiving.