“I Would Totally Go Clubbing With My Mom”

What are you, a monster??

Ashley: I think we’re skirting a much larger and more fertile issue here, which is whether or not you should be “pals” with your parents, at any age. I have always, always found it unsettling when, growing up, other girls would say, “My mom is my best friend!” I’m pretty old-fashioned in this sense, in that I think one’s parents should be authority figures, not buddies. But there’s nothing really anti-authority about enjoying chicken and waffles with them, so I guess you get a pass.

Jennifer: I mean, I think it would be unfortunate, because the clubs, they are so noisy. We wouldn’t really be able to talk. That’s why I usually bring a book! But parents hate that.

Ashley: So, we can probably both agree that you shouldn’t do coke with your mom in clubs and then get into limo fights, though?


Ashley: I DONT KNOW. Well, it shouldn’t surprise us that the answer is Lindsay Lohan.

Jennifer: Well, you’re typically more low-key about drug use than I am, though. Insofar as you do not think it will immediately send people on an Edie Sedgwick-like downward spiral. Why is there a taboo with parents?

Ashley: I don’t think the problem is really the drug? I think that’s a symptom of a larger problem. Like, not many people with really solid, healthy relationships with their parents would do cocaine in clubs with them.

Jennifer: Why not? I mean, I drink with my parents. Though we do not get wasted, but nor do I do that with my friends.

Ashley: You know, I don’t know if I can really articulate why? I think all I’m saying is that Lindsay Lohan has seemingly had a deeply fractured relationship with her mom for a really long time, and the fact that they go to clubs together and do coke probably has something to do with said fracture?

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    • jamiepeck

      I went “clubbing” with my mom a couple weekends ago. We drank some wine and danced to soul music with my friends. It was fun! I don’t think that’s the kind of clubbing we are talking about here, though.

    • Jessie

      I was just casually hate – looking through (read: unabashedly hate – creeping through) a high school acquaintances photo album of the hideous wedding she just had. I noticed that her mom came with her on her bachelorette and I just found it plain weird. I know some gals invite their mom along for their evening/weekend of debauchery and penile paraphernalia – but honestly I just don’t get it. I love my mom with ever fiber of my being – but there is a time and a place to get drunk and say inappropriate aloud to one another, and it’s Thanksgiving.