Karl Lagerfeld: ’30 Percent Of Girls Are Big, Big Overweight.’

Karl would like you to stop being "big, big overweight." Thanks in advance.

When it comes to fashion designers who run at the mouth, it usually seems to be Karl Lagerfeld who takes the cake in that area. Karl, the mystery man behind the dark sunglasses, is full of as many insults as he is irrational statements that only exist in the dazzling World of Karl Lagerfeld.

When England’s Channel 4 News decided to interview Karl about the Little Black Jacket exhibit, they also decided to inquire about the fashion industry and the eating disorders within in it, as well as the ones that it inspires in young men and women. This makes sense; if there is anyone to question about weight and eating disorders, it is Karl. Not only do his sunglasses prevent him from seeing clearly but he’s a huge proponent of fat-shaming. How else are you supposed to know that you’re overweight, if Karl isn’t telling you so?

The interview, which you can watch below in its entirety, has some winning comments as always. For example, ladies, it’s wrong for you to be fat now. Now, you should be skinny, but thanks to evolution, it will be OK for the generations that follow to be fat. I can’t help thinking that this rationale on the part of Karl is simply because he won’t be around to see those um, “fat” folk. They are, for him, an eyesore. Karl does not approve of eyesores.

As for anorexic girls, no one in fashion works with them, according to Karl. Those who suffer from eating disorders do so because, “they have problem with family and things like this.” Also anorexics only exist in France, although maybe in England, too — Karl isn’t sure. But what he is sure of is that “over over 30 percent of girls are big, big, overweight.” Who needs to use the word “fat,” when “big, big overweight” is far more poetic?

Yes, yet again, Karl has inspired us to stare at him in confusion and mock him (and his cat!) incessantly. He has challenged our thoughts and the world order of things with the insanity that swirls about his head that he just lets flow off the tip of his tongue and into the air.

Oh, Karl. Will you ever recall the days, sweetie, when you were “big, big overweight?”

Photo: via Styleite

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    • Samantha_Escobar

      And 100% of guys are big big hot, right?

    • Ms. Pants

      Oh, Crazy Uncle Karl. You make pretty things, but I have a strict policy of not following advice from people who have been embalmed for longer than I’ve been alive.

      • mm

        I wish I could vote this up 5 times.

    • http://twitter.com/MathildeHoeg Mathilde Hoeg Boisen

      it obvious he’s projecting his own insecurities onto the world. Someone should hug him and tell him he’s a fine person and his bodyweight does not define him.

    • Ella

      Just a side not, eating disorders ARE generally triggered by far more than simply wishing to be skinny. So he was partially right in that regard, but otherwise a blatant idiot.

    • PlanetCharnBaby

      He really needs to stop taking his anorexic issues and poor body image out on girls and women. Heal thyself, physician. As for myself, I’ll be keeping my T & A.