Selma Blair Is The Woman In Favor Of Mitt Romney

Look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m voting for Romney. I’m just not going to do it. So in that spirit, I’ll keep posting pro-Obama videos and being an active contributor to the liberal media, and also, making myself laugh. Because that’s what blogging is all about!

Anyway, in the following Funny or Die video, Selma Blair portrays the one woman who’s voting for Mitt Romney. She’s anti-abortion, anti-Middle East (just in general), and also anti-sex. “Shmex should just be used for when you need to be shot full of kids,” she says, while riding atop a man one assumes is her husband.

Blair has never been our favorite actress, but she’s actually pretty funny in this. She looks the part of the conservative woman big time, what with the pearls and the perfectly ironed hair and the tactfully bloused shoulders on her high-neck top. She also gardens and does chores and sips tea, which is kind of exactly how we imagine Ann Romney goes about daily life. It’s also — let’s be real — kind of a fair point that voting for Romney is voting against women’s rights. In my totally unbiased opinion.

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    • Amanda Chatel

      Wait. You say you’re NOT voting for the Mitt?! WTF, Jessica? Mitt loves women and wants to protect us from bad things like birth control pills and our vaginas… he’s a saint!

    • Avodah

      What do you mean by “against the Middle East”? Does that mean the entire Middle East as a whole? What about Western Asia? Iran (which isn’t really the Middle East)? North Africa? Israel? Israel is in the Middle East, but it is not an Arab, Persian or Muslim country (the three previous things are not the same or mutually inclusive).

      Just wondering…

    • fran

      i have no idea why birthcontrol should be free? i pay for my thyroid medication (for actual medical condition) so why should i not pay for my birth control (for no babies). I currently pay for both and i have no problem w/ that. this election is making women look like victims. we are NOT victims. taking birthcontrol is a personal option that you have to pay for. abortion will not be over turned it is a federal law since 1970′s. females have excelled so much and this society and yet many of us are misinformed about how to use birthcontrol. my point is dont vote with your uterus vote for the good for this country.

    • Liz

      As a conservative woman, I’m really tired of these stereotypes. They are every bit as offensive as the stereotype of the “welfare queen.” I am nothing like that. I am a teacher who cares deeply about women’s rights. I am not anti-Middle East and I am pro-sex. I do not have perfectly ironed hair, wear pearls. Okay, I admit, I do drink tea. Conservative women are more complex and well-rounded than that stereotype.