Why Are We Not Giving Successful Men Public Makeovers?

Above is Amanda Steinberg’s “daily uniform.” Pretty, professional, and overall nice, right?

Yesterday, Huffington Post ran an article about Steinberg need and receiving a makeover. The founder of DailyWorth — a financial advice site directed at women — is apparently extremely busy as she not only runs a company but also is a mother: “She travels four days a week, balances school drop-off with board meetings, and needs to look good doing it all.” I’m not sure why exactly she needs to “look good” while doing any of it, but that’s for another day.

The story goes on to discuss the success of her company, yet how “unimpressed” she is with her own style:

As the head of a company, I need to look put-together all the time, whether I’m meeting with advertising companies or my board of directors. I enjoy shopping, but I’m constantly feeling like as hard as I try, I don’t look polished enough. Nothing feels better than looking good, but style is not innate to me.

This sounds more depressing than uplifting: an incredibly successful businesswoman feels disappointed and unfashionable. It also sort of bums me out that even somebody of her success and ambition believes that “nothing feels better than looking good,” because I kind of hope that being financially secure, achieving several of my career goals and providing for my children will feel better than looking good. I love a good blow out and all that, but I recall the feeling of getting financial aid for college and it definitely topped getting my first mani/pedi.

I mean, I get it if a successful person wants to change up their wardrobe. Go for it! But by doing these sort of “you’re successful, but not hot enough to look deserving of success!” stories and focusing on how important it is that she looks good, it’s just showing women that in order to do well, you need to look pretty at the same time. We already know that women have a ridiculously fine line to teeter around regarding their officewear, so why make women feel even more like they need to look a certain way to get what they want career-wise. It’s not as though Steinberg looked inappropriate professionally by any means in her prior get-up, so why is she getting a makeover in public?

Plus, why aren’t loads of successful men getting the same makeovers online? Given the amount of ill-fitting suits and ugly hairpieces that scatter among the ambitious men, I think there’s a bit of a makeover gold mine there.

Here are a few of the looks, what do you think?

[via HuffingtonPost]

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    • Cate

      I hate the first look. Hate, hate, hate it. And the last look, which is my favorite, is almost identical to her daily uniform which was lovely to begin with.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I hate the first look, as well. In general, anything with peplum-esque shape needs to be tossed from any and all closets (or perhaps I’m just bitter because I look ridiculous wearing them, but that’s no matter). And I loved her original uniform, too! She looked like some fancy gorgeous art curator, as silly as that sounds.

    • Ara

      The third one is the only one that looks even mildly professional. what one earth?

      • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar

        The orange and black one just kinda feel very Limited Too-ish and only partially appears to actually fit, so I don’t get it.

      • mm

        that one is truly heinous I flinched a little when I saw it

    • Lastango

      Why is she getting a makeover? Well, maybe because she’s nothing special to look at and in her business glamour and “presence” go a long way.
      (Yes, I know that’s harsh. It’s also true. And it has nothing to do with her as a person.)
      Remember when “Fortune” put Marissa Mayer on the cover of their “Most Powerful Women” issue? Steinberg will never be there, no matter what she accomplishes.
      BTW, I don’t agree that appearance requirements don’t apply to men too. Tall, good-looking men have a huge advantage over other men in business. The ones who aren’t attractive don’t get makeovers because they almost never get into positions where a makeover would do them any good.
      The male equivalent of a makeover does exist. There are professional consultants who work with up-and-comers to optimize their attire as well as their manners and way of interacting socially. But only the “right people” get these. The product goes by names like “men’s image services”, “image consulting”, and the like.

    • Sd9302

      The shoes are a major upgrade, though

    • emily

      I understand what she’s saying. I enjoy clothes! it’s like playing dress up everyday and I choose what I wear deliberately whether it’s a pearl necklace or worn in jeans. Its about aesthetics and getting to be creative. But defining your success on fashion sounds like she just has image issues. My advice (which no one is asking for, i know) is to worry less about a makeover, and start having fun and your personal style will emerge naturally. If people think you are ‘less professional’ or ‘less successful’ then they need to redefine those terms, not you. (that being said, you still shouldn’t go to work in sweat pants…)

    • steven r jones