Shelved Dolls: Vera Renczi – She Killed All Of Her Lovers. 35 Of Them.

Vera ultimately confessed her crimes, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. At her trial, the judge asked:

“Why did you kill all these human beings?”

“They were men,” she answered. “I could not endure the thought that they would ever put their arms around another woman after they had embraced me.”

Good news. Whatever you have done to your exes in the past – prank calling them, keying their cars, whatever – you’re more sane than Vera Renczi. And that’s a good thing. Partly because it means you will not spend the rest of your life in jail after wrecking havoc on absolutely everyone in your vicinity. But, also, because I can’t imagine any of this was much fun for Vera. I mean, sure, picking up men in cafes is fun. But it seemed as soon as she got them, she was beset by anxiety and misery such as you and I cannot imagine.

She wasn’t killing men for cheap thrills, she was killing men because she viewed them as the source of all her unhappiness.

Fortunately, we live in an age where you can just de-friend your exes on Facebook and never have to worry about seeing them again. Or, you can try to be friends. You just can’t use arsenic on anybody. I mean, honestly, the skin thing would freak you out, anyway.


Additional Reading:

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    • Fabel

      This was delightful. In a horrible, horrible way.

    • alexandra

      Didn’t Henry James say 25 is the age when your personality “settles” and stops developing? That seems relevant. Somehow. “I developed into a serial killer! Done growing!” I’m suddenly so worried about the next 3 years.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Do you think you can start at 26, or is that too late to get into the serial killer game? Is it like being a ballerina or a child star?

    • Andrea

      Blech… I can’t imagine having to deal with all of those gross decomposing bodies! Also, I do the same thing (as you, not Vera!) with my exes. I think part of it is trying to convince yourself you don’t always pick horrible guys.. but also convincing myself that I’m the kind of person someone would want to still be friends with :)

      • LCT

        Yes, definitely. I also did this so that I didn’t feel that my time spent with said ex was a waste. If we stay friends, then it wasn’t all in vain! :)

    • Alexis Hovind

      Does anyone anyone else get a brunette Gwen Stefani vibe from the real Vera picture?

    • JennyWren

      I’m wondering how she actually managed to dispose of those bodies ALL BY HERSELF. Dude, full-grown men are HEAVY. You can’t just lug them around under your arm like in the picture on page 7.The guys in the coffins makes sense because it probably wouldn’t be too much work to kick them down into the basement and into a coffin…but who was selling her all those coffins? I really think that coffins are one of the things that should cause people to worry when you bulk-buy. Seems extraordinary that she didn’t have an accomplice, or that the townspeople weren’t more concerned.

    • Cate

      This is horrific, but somehow the recurrence of Lassie pictures made me laugh my head off. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I am uncomfortable with the extent to which I kind of see where dear Vera was coming from.

    • Lucille Bluth

      I loved this article. It was so interesting to read that she got away with 35 murders before she actually got caught and it’s funny that you all give us a free pass because Vera did the ultimate thing – she killed her exes.

    • Lastango

      “Fortunately, we live in an age where you can just de-friend your exes on Facebook…”
      Well, some ladies are just old-fashioned:

    • mimi

      Mnope. This one is fake too. But it is fascinating how hungry are people to see the real Vera.

    • Kreese Baldwin

      How to keep bitches like this in check: