Tory Burch – “A Monstrous Crazy Fashion Bitch?”

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No. No, she doesn’t. This isn’t a James Bond movie, and even if it was, that woman must have been comically good at high kicks. It’s much more sensible to stash your poison daggers in a Tory Burch bag, should you go that route. Which Tory Burch does not go. Because she’s quite nice.

According to Joanna Coles, editor of Cosmopolitan (already on record as liking smart women, as opposed to the editors who comprise their staff solely of gentle sock puppets and sugar gliders). She claims that Tory Burch is not “a monstrous crazy fashion bitch” which… I believe. I also think it would be really fun to knock back martinis with Joanna Coles and talk about who is a monstrous crazy fashion bitch. I mean, I’ve got nothing. She’d have to do most of the talking.

In any event, Tory Burch is on NBC talking about what women want. Freud postulated that the answer to that was “their own way” but I guess “flats with a very recognizable symbol that are okay to walk long distances in” was a close second. I’ll buy it.

Here. Here is a video:

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    • Brian Davis

      Tory Burch is a fashion Icon but ask anyone about her flats and a majority of comments might be “she a monstrous crazy fashion bitch that has poisoned daggers hidden in all her flats” It seems cute isn’t always comfy, take for example the Tory Burch Reva flats. How could anything so cute cause so much pain. (at least until they are broken in) I’ve read more comments about the pain they cause and I can confirm that from the 5 pairs I own. They must be broken in before they are comfy. Once they are Tory Burch will once again be your favorite fashion designer of cute flats. I’m sure she is very proud of how popular the Reva flats are with women but they are also popular with a few of us guys too.

      Thanks for the wonderful post