Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley On The Pressure To Be Thin In (And Outside) The Modeling Industry

The beautiful Robyn Lawley–she of the Italian Vogue coverswatershed Ralph Lauren campaigns and general goodness and decency–has become a symbol of positive change in the modeling industry. Unfortunately, the gorgeous size twelve is going to have to answer questions about her body until the end of time–questions that so-called straight size models would never, ever have to endure on live television.

Anyway, Lawley recently gave an interview to Radar, and was asked why so many models (and civilians) starve themselves to be thin:

“I think because of the perceptions of Hollywood and the media, women get really targeted in a negative way. It is horrible to be called names and it happens here all the time. There is always a fear that you are not going to make it so women force themselves down into a size that does not really match their body. I just don’t get it, that heroin chic look isn’t my cup of tea. It isn’t for a lot of people out of the fashion world. That starvation look isn’t for everybody, why not have someone who is a little bit bigger?”

She then adds that women’s bodies are actually viewed with a little less austerity in her native Australia, land of the permanent swimsuit: “I think in Australia size perceptions are a lot more realistic. They appreciate real people rather than if they are stick thin or not. It is definitely a different vibe.”

That’s Lawley looking fantastic in her swimwear spread for Australian Cosmo.


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    • Kate

      ok. just throwing this out there… robyn is 6’2″ and a size 12. IN WHAT WORLD IS THAT PLUS SIZE? she’s a healthy BMI for her height. how do I know this? I’m 5’11″ and size 12. My BMI is around 24 (I fluctuate a bit, between 23.5-24). according to the CDC and about every other BMI calculating website out there, that’s normal for an adult.

    • wannabevenus

      She looks pretty much like standard thin to me.. I envision plus size as much more curvaceous, almost plump. Not to denigrate her looks at all, because she is a lovely young woman. but plus sized? no.