Why It’s Bad That Romney Has Binders Full Of Women

Except… that Romney seems to think women workers can’t work as hard as men do. They’re kind of like a gentler, feebler version of your male employees.

Look, I am actually fully in favor of flexible schedules. I think flexible schedules are great! I work from 10 to 6 because I run a blog, and also, I am a sleepy sort of person. I probably also make less money and will have less influence on the company than someone who decides they’re going to work 100 hours week. That is okay with me. It gives me time to go pilates and watch – OMG AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 2 STARTS TONIGHT TIVO IT RIGHT NOW.

But I realize it would be insane to assume that all women want the same schedule I do. Setting up the notion in the speech that, if you’re employing women, you’re going to have to readjust their schedule because women workers need to be out at 5:00 on the dot is simply wrong. It’s wrong, and it implies that it does not make sense to hire women if you need people willing to work hard. There are plenty of ambitious women in the world who have no interest in getting dinner on the table for their families (hell, maybe Dad does that). There are plenty of women who have no interest in having children. Just as there are plenty of men who have personality traits that make them well suited to that job, so there are plenty of women. Many of them will stay in the office all night if you want them to.

Just as I, personally, love the idea that we can have flexible schedules, I also think women should be regarded as viable candidates for jobs with inflexible schedules. Because I do think that women are more than just pictures in a binder.


Pic via Binders Full of Women

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    • Ms. Pants

      Romney frustrates the shit out of me. He talked about the 47%ers who like to be victims, who have their hands out for assistance but Romney himself exhibits an air of entitlement just because he’s a rich, white guy. “I deserve to be president because the current guy didn’t fix everything in 4 years.” Yeah, well, it took the rich, white guy before him 8 years to fuck everything up good n’ proper, Romney.