Learning To Cook Reluctantly: Beef Wellington Makes Men Propose

Now that I have made beef wellington, I am to be married.

HAHAHAHAHA, gotcha. Alone forever, like Batman! I do have a nice coat, though, so that’s something. If you were waiting to see the results of the crowd-source on coats I… also gotcha, and chose none of the above. Instead I got this Burberry check blanket coat which I am pretty sure is more beautiful than God.

burberry prorsum coat

Like the Lucifer of coats

So, possibly that will help with the engagement thing. I mean, a cool outfit seemed to help Batman. (I’m using a black belt, because the bow threw me a little, so, even MORE like Batman).

But! A while ago a member of our man panel mentioned beef wellington as a food that will make men propose, so I wanted to make it for is birthday, because I thought that was funny (also, he is someone who runs no risk of proposing to me, nor I to him, so I figured it would just be an experiment in hilarity and not like, the beginning of a terrifying shot-gun marriage).

And then everyone said “beef wellington is hard, and you can barely cook.”

And I said. “Oh.”

So I tried to buy it, and I was pretty consistently told that it was not available until later in the season. I did not know there was beef wellington season, but maybe it is like negroni season. SO I MADE IT MYSELF.

And it really wasn’t that hard. To make beef wellington, this is what you need.

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    • julimonster

      Well now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag!
      Seriously, my man was watching “Kitchen Nightmares” and suddenly had a hankering to try a Beef Wellington so I (somewhat) obligingly learned, with much coaching from him, to make one – it’s really not that intimidating now that I’ve done it a few times. They should have taught this in home ec….

    • wanderlust371

      Oh dear god, that coat is beautiful.

      • http://twitter.com/JenAshleyWright Jennifer Wright

        I am fully planning on spending the entire afternoon thinking about appropriate belts for it.

    • Lauren

      I loved all the coats in your crowd sourcing, but this coat is so beautiful I want to cry. Good choice.

      I’m glad you made this, not because I want to make it, but because I had no idea what beef wellington was. Thanks for that. I feel smarter now.

    • Lisa

      “Take the steak out of its bloody little Hannibal Lecter bag” eww/hahaha!

    • Marissa

      I used to make beef wellington all the time for a formal lunch or dinner until my boyfriend at the time said it tasted like “a fancy hot pocket.”

      • http://twitter.com/JenAshleyWright Jennifer Wright

        Your boyfriend is exactly right. It IS a fancy hot pocket.

    • Lastango

      “None of the above”, eh? You could have at least invited me over for Beef Wellington. I would have brought caramel mousse Napoleon for desert, and we could have enjoyed a good whine together with 1,000 of our closest friends.

    • AmbienceChaser

      Gosh that’s beautiful. I didn’t see it from the runway photo, but when I saw the close-ups on the Burberry site I went all crazy for those sleeve buttons. (I am a sucker for sleeve buttons.)

    • MR

      Nice job on the Wellington. Is this a trick to get me to tell you, if I ever proposed to anyone? :)