Gallery: The Best And Worst Of The (Swiftly Reappropriated) ‘Feminist Nazi’ Meme

From the deepest, nerdiest, most woman-hating depths of the Internet, a new meme was born. And everyone saw that it was stupid. How stupid, you ask? Well, just take a look around. Thankfully, some clever people have taken control of the meme and are currently using it to mock its original creators, so I’ve included some examples of that, too. Perhaps you’d like to have a go at it yourself?

(Via Jezebel)

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    • Lisa

      The farther it went on the less I understood…

    • Fifi

      She’s on the Australian version of Big Brother

    • Avodah

      I’m not into killing anyone. Even the person who wrote it.

    • Breezy

      Molotov for every cop? Yikes.

    • Ansel

      Slide 1: This would be more accurate if the picture was of Ann Romney.
      Slides 2 and 3: Yes this is a common thought process… from conservative women who mock feminism and have jobs. I have often ended dates based on such statements because the woman saying such was not ready to handle any level of feminism no matter how often they benefit from it.
      Slide 4: The maturity level of this picture speaks for itself.
      Slide 5: I have never heard a woman demand they should be able to go into men’s restrooms, or that they really want to go to a men’s only gym either. The complaint is leveled when men conduct business at men’s only clubs and the like.
      Slide 6: As a man who is far stronger than the average I can say that frequently members of both genders request my assistance. I’ve also known some tiny little feminist women who can lift suprising amounts, because they do a lot of work on their own.
      Slide 7: Same as slide 5, should have been put together.
      Slide 8: Do we see a pattern here? Lots of seemingly contradictory statements in these memes…. but they aren’t things you would hear from actual feminists. Indeed they mostly seem to be things we hear from conservative women’s mouths.
      Slide 9: The most consistent display of hysteria is found in your local sports bar every Sunday, and is over far less meaningful subject matter. Of this I am also guilty, particularly last night when I watched Ndamukong Suh slam Jay Cutler into the turf in a manner more reminiscent of the UFC than the NFL.
      Slide 10: This is probably an accurate statement for most people who read it. I’m not sure if that is the author’s intent though.
      Slide 11: Unfortunately this is a problem for men as most women still expect men to make more than they do. Equally unfortunate is that most men don’t understand that feminists are the ones who care more about whether your work is valuable to the community and not just the pocketbook.
      Slide 12: So true. I watch football and the UFC. I also watch Star Trek and ravenously consume scientific articles. I learned to cook beause it was fun, and I can sew sufficiently to repair most minor damage to my clothes. I’m also a feminist.
      Slide 13: If I drank alcohol this would probably have more face value to me. One thing I love about dating feminists though is they tend to spend some time and effort to buy me things too. It’s nice to be appreciated.
      Slide 14: Typical of most education systems around the world (not just here in America).
      Slide 15: Conservatives like to point out that Nazis forced abortions on women of undesirable backgrounds (Jews, Roma, mentally handicapped, etc) but often don’t talk about how young German girls were also coerced into bearing children with men they did not love. Rape for the purpose of creating the master race was also quite common, though less spoken of.
      Slide 16: Chivalry…. why do we have to be nice to women in only specific ways? Why can’t these same niceties be applied to anyone?
      Slide 17: While there is a minority of feminists who advocate such things, violence is generally abhorred amongst feminists. Too many have been victims and understand that blanket violence against a large population is the very thing they fight against. Using careful study to break down causes and prevent violence is the modus operandi. Even rapists fall under this as many are victims of serious abuse themselves. Of course during the commssion of an actual crime or if the law entirely fails, expect violence to ensue.

      • Tania

        Chivalry is what I refer to as being polite. So I guess I am chivalrous, because I hold doors open for people and all that jazz.

    • poeboy

      So when people make jokes about men it is ok. But when people make jokes about women they’re nerdy women haters. Can you say double standard? I mean come on, I’ve personally made over 400 memes in my 10 months at the site. The vast majority of them have been about males and nobody is complaining about them.

      You know what, young girls are being shot in the head for wanting an education in Pakistan. Girls are being killed for a bicycle by teenage boys in our own nation. Women in other parts of the world are murdered in “honor” killings. Your biggest concern is a joke on the internet?! Why not do women a real favor by actually spending your time on things that matter? Personally I am far more disgusted by the fact that people of my gender are murdering innocent females than making jokes about them.