Beyond Calling Obama A “Retard”: Other Awful Things Ann Coulter Has Said

anne coulter romney obama

Last night, the country flew into a state of shock when Ann Coulter tweeted that “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” If you love this sort of thing, follow her at @anncoulter and probably stop reading this post right now.

As I’m inclined to side more with model Chrissy Teigen who tweeted:

“not ever shocked by @anncoulter. My bar for her is set so low that it is, ironically, in the depths of hell.”

Right. It’s a bit shocking that this is shocking people, as Ann Coulter is relentlessly terrible almost all of the time. Here. Here are some of her most hellish hits.

Pics via Twitter and WENN

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    • Candace
    • Somnilee

      Is this woman for real? I’ve never heard of her before (UK). That model had the world’s best burn though.

    • Maggie

      She doesn’t think women should be allowed to vote…? Did she all of a sudden forget that she has a vagina?! What a disgrace to women everywhere.

      As for her comments about Canada… remember that time we burned down the White House? Yeah, bet your American history classes don’t teach about that. Ann Coulter also thought Canada was involved in the Vietnam war. What a winner!

    • Jen

      Being Canadian, Ann Coulter always astounds me. Not that we do not have crazy morons in Canada, trust me we do. However she is so batshit, that I can’t believe she has a career and isn’t actually locked up! What scares me even more is that there are people that take her seriously rather than as a sideshow freak.

    • Big Mouth Liberal

      Ann Coulter President Obama a retard,should lookin the mirror,she has to be one of the biggest Douchbags on TV.

    • Lastango

      Coulter knows how to collect odd statements too. Here’s a bunch:

    • euro

      if you don’t realize that she is a very woman who has the guts to say things like they are, and see’s though all the lies, and govt propaganda……then i would say it is YOU who is an example of the easilly manipulated and pathetically unfit to vote, not very bright American. So go vote for this so pathetic excuse for the leader of America….and then we will sink even faster into a third world country that we are fast becoming.

      • kj

        America already is a “3rd world country.”

      • Maggie

        Hmm calling someone else “not very bright” when you can’t even properly form a sentence… ironic. Thanks to ignorant people like you and Ann Coulter, it’s easy to vote Democrat!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Love this response.

      • Gab

        I love you Maggie!

      • Lala

        Holy crap you’re possibly dumber than she is given the terrible grammar/spelling in your post. You are definitely not a native English speaker.

    • Sabrina

      I often wonder if the biggest trolls in the world actually believe the things they say, or if they just realized that they can make a lot of money off of the idiots who will listen to them?

    • Jamie Newsom Eaton

      I’m convinced that AC’s schtick is just a really, really long-form performance art piece. No woman could possibly actually mean all of the stuff she says. I bet she’s just amazed that no one has caught on yet.

      • Amanda Chatel

        If this were true, it would be amazing — the greatest caper of all time!

    • kj

      *cocks shotgun* Oh no you DID NOT just insult Canada. Underneath all this politeness there is a lot of suppressed killing instinct (see: enduring popularity of hockey fights) and we will CUT A BITCH if necessary.

      And the one about the women not voting……………

      …no words. Like, what planet do you live on?

      Although the Bill Clinton one did make me lol.

    • Elevator_from_Duh_Shining

      I once attempted to ironically read an Ann Coulter book. I couldn’t make it past the first page, because it was so fucking stupid.

    • sumokitty

      It’s kind of impressive that with all the terrible things people actually do, Ann Coulter is continuously in the running for Worst Person in the World using only her words.

    • Allie ♥

      So, The Gloss is officially liberally biased? Is that what’s going on here?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Well, I’m actually a huge believer in free enterprise. I’m in favor of most of Republican’s fiscal policies. I would almost certainly vote Republican EXCEPT that the party seems to have been taken over people like Ann Coulter. So I’d say TheGloss biased against people saying stupid things.

      • Allie ♥

        I think the Democrats may have a couple more gaffes than the Republican party. I choose to vote like my bank account depends on it.

    • Lala

      AHHHHH Ann Coulter, you are the spawn of satan. Also an embarrassment to humanity.