Donald Trump’s Big Announcement Is That He’s Withholding Millions From Charity Unless Obama Does His Bidding

donald trump obama announcement

You know, I used to think that I would vote Republican if they could just get through a month without any member of the party saying something I found morally reprehensible. I’m older now, so I have lowered my limit to a week. This is not that week. Partly because of Ann Coulter, but mostly because of Donald Trump.

For a few days Donald Trump has been saying that there’s going to be a big announcement about Obama that will change everything. It may just be my inclination to always assume that the announcement will be that Obama had sex with a horse. I think that’s something that would absolutely derail any politician’s career. Like, if you found out Lincoln had sex with a horse, you would reconsider voting for him, maybe. So, I was waiting for Seabiscuit/Obama pictures and… that was not the announcement.

This was the announcement:

Obama has to release his passport and college records and then Trump will donate $5 million to charity. He says it’s an offer “I don’t believe he can refuse.”

I also like the way he names the charities as though he has to stop himself from rolling his eyes when he talks about inner city children in Chicago.

So, this is ridiculous. You’re not the Godfather, Donald Trump. You are not in a position to be making people “offers they can’t refuse.” You are the host of a popular television show. If you have $5 million to spare for charity, just do it. You can pick your own. Or you can keep your money, which you have earned. But don’t dangle a life-changing amount out in front of charities and then try to place the blame on Obama if they don’t get it. Just be a good person. The presidential election is not some bizarre game show on NBC where Barack Obama is a contestant jumping through hoops for a cash prize. Stop this. You look silly. You’re making the party look silly. And if you think that Obama “cannot refuse” wow, I think you are going to be in for a really big shock next week.

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    • Ro

      Wasn’t his birth certificate supposed to be enough?

    • Sean

      I wish I had five million dollars. (Canadian, US, doesn’t really matter lately.)

      I’d donate it just after I youtube a video of me using the bills to spell out “Donald Trump is a douche” in an open field.

    • Emily Van Patten

      Uggh. This is so gross.

    • LaLa

      Holy hell this is ridiculous. He’s like a little kid who holds his breath when he’s not getting enough attention.

    • Cee

      Why is the ONLY black president treated in this manner? Never have so many crazies come out of the wood work than now. I mean the Tea Party happened! Ugh!
      I would like Barack to answer “I’ll do it, when Romney releases his tax returns.”

    • Bev

      Way to go Donald, but obama isn’t going to agree, Why, cause he doesn’t care about the american people.

    • MR

      Yeah, he’s a money-grubber – no altruism here. Kind of like Romney saying he want’s to create jobs. Profit has nothing to do with it. :)