Gallery: Foolish And/Or Heroic Artist Draws Self-Portraits While Under The Influence Of Various Drugs

Ten years ago, a Washington, D.C. based artist named Bryan Lewis Saunders undertook the foolish and heroic task of painting self-portraits while under the influence of pretty much every drug you can name, and probably a few you can’t. He’s since stopped doing so many drugs, but he did feel the need to try bath salts when they came onto the scene, so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. Most of these self-portraits aren’t new, but they’re nifty, and I bet you haven’t seen them before. They will either make you really want to do drugs or really not want to do drugs, depending on your constitution. Personally, I find some of the portraits pretty appealing and others vaguely terrifying. Drugs!

(Via Cultso)

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    • principessa1173

      Ha! I love the comment regarding computer duster. Only an Intervention (A&E program) addict would remember that.

    • Adam Cai


    • Deb

      Slide 5 is a straight key used to send morse code.