• Wed, Oct 24 2012

Supposedly Anna Wintour Has Banned Designers From Dressing Ann Romney

anna wintour ann romney

Wait, is that… right? Also, how is Anna Wintour the Queen of the Empire of Fashion?

I mean, by editing Vogue, but I would think that does not mean that you can whimsically issue bans on Ann Romney like some 80 year old billionaire matriarch whispering to the maitre d at Michael’s that Lindsay Lohan should not be allowed in. I say this like this is something I have witnessed. For the record, I never saw Brooke Astor place a Michael’s ban on Lindsay Lohan. It seems unlikely Lindsay Lohan goes to Michael’s. Pretty sure that hit was in regard to Lavo.

But! I guess Anna Wintour is issuing bans all over the place. Maybe? Maybe. According to The Daily Mail:

Some have posed the theory that Vogue’s resident DemocratMs Wintour, is silently threatening designers’ standing in her magazine should they endeavor to dress Republican presidential candidate’s wife.

Some have posed a theory that when newspapers talk about “some” posing a theory they mean “we. We are posing that theory right now. Us.” I mean, I think you should question how much you should trust The Daily Mail (answer “sort of”) but I do think that this is interesting paired with Fashionista’s note.

Fashionista says: We receive press release upon press release about Michelle’s campaign wardrobe and it’s become a major coup for a designer to dress Michelle Obama. But we’ve yet to receive one–one–about Ann Romney’s.

So. Anna Wintour. A cold despot. But we did already kind of suspect as much.

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