I Went To A Playboy Casting Call – Here’s What Happens

playboy audition

Back in the days before computers were really important,  I sent actual photographs and a letter to Playboy. They liked me enough to send me a real letter on real Playboy letterhead paper asking me for more photos. I thought this was kind of cool.  So I sent them some more photos, and they wrote me back a very kind rejection letter saying that I’d be kept on file for future consideration.  I never heard from them again.  Then I became completely distracted pursuing things that didn’t involve me being nude in magazines and forgot all about it.

Until I heard about most recent Playboy’s Casting Call being held in New York City.  Alas, I am now too old according to their age restrictions. But, my friend, Gwen, was just the right age. By that I mean she was between 18 and 28.

playboy audition

Gwen submitted her photos via email, and they called her to the W Hotel in Times Square for an in-person strip and interview.  I went with her for some moral support, and to witness other doe-eyed hopefuls who dream of appearing in Playboy themselves. There were a lot of them.

I asked Gwen why she wanted to do this. “You’re only young once and I’m doing this for fun. I think I look pretty good.”  Gwen has a rocking body, all natural blonde hair and is just generally gorgeous. She’s also a photographer who shoots models herself.  “I thought it would be fun to get in front of the camera for a change.”

I hoped everyone wouldn’t be so rational. That would be really boring.

As we entered the hotel lobby, I encountered exactly what I had hoped to see.  A cluster-fuck of scantily clad women in Forever 21′s trashiest looks, and some even slightly intoxicated girls with modeling dreams.  This was just in the lobby!

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    • karen

      Interesting and fun read. Love the comment from the one girl, “…. show what God, and doctors gave them.” LOL!

    • JessB

      I went to that casting call and I remember it going differently than that….
      I went on the very 1st day and they allowed anyone who was there for support stay in the 5th floor lobby unless you were male. The only men on that floor were the casting directors and photographer from playboy. Oh and the cameramen from Inside Edition when they stopped by for interviews. As far as women looking like, what did you say? “Trash” and like they were intoxicated…. I never saw anyone like that. The girls were in their lingerie and had robes or dresses covering them with heels. I guess if you were to wear that out in public you could catergorize it as that but not for a Playboy casting call. Everyone I saw was wearing exactly what was asked of them. Maybe you picked a crazy day, but I went on the first day and the only thing that remotely sounds right with how you claimed things went, is when you said it was a long wait. I agree, I went at 1:00 and was the 15th person there and waited about 3 hours. But it’s for playboy and it was definitely worth it. But hey, I am one of the ones who “wants my vagina in Playboy”…. like you did until you became too old for their requirements.

    • nina

      Is it just me or did the playboy add look like an add off craigslist?

    • Formerly Known As

      Thanks for the fun read! I live in a college town where Playboy recruits a fair amount, so I have read a few what-its-like articles in the student newspaper over the past few decades, but they are always a blast to read.

    • Yzyy

      No pics, no care.

    • Athena

      I was actually hoping to read the view of someone who was herself trying out rather than an opinion of a tag along

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