Nicole Kidman Shouldn’t Play Grace Kelly

nicole kidman grace kelly

Oh my goodness, do not know how to feel about the upcoming movie Grace of Monaco. But I will tentatively say that I feel at least slightly less good about Nicole Kidman playing Grace Kelly than I do about Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out on this.

I feel like Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan have incredibly similar personalities, right down, really, to the fact that they had difficult relationships with their parents. They’re both prone to excess and have relationships that exist at about a 10 on the drama scale. If we were living fifty years ago, Lindsay Lohan probably would have been married three or four times by now. They are both the kind of personalities that, in a pinch, would throw Waterford Crystal across the room at someone’s face, is what I’m saying. I believe Lindsay Lohan can play Elizabeth Taylor pretty well because Lindsay Lohan will understand where Elizabeth Taylor is coming from.

Meanwhile, I always think of Nicole Kidman as being rather more what Grace Kelly portrayed on screen. In real life, Grace Kelly was known for… being pretty fun. Apparently, she slept with everyone and drank a bunch. Grace Kelly’s signiature move on first dates was to just show up in front of her date totally naked. This is still kind of a shocking thing now. This is a fact I really, really like about Grace Kelly. There are some other fun facts about her here.

Grace Kelly also had a wild need to be love that meant that she clung – some say pathetically – to co-stars like Clark Gable. I cannot for the life of me imagine Nicole Kidman clinging to anyone, ever. It might just be because she can no longer show weakness via her forehead. But really, I cannot imagine Nicole Kidman doing that given that in every interview I’ve read about her she seems to be fairly type-A. Like, very, very type-A. Now, maybe she really is a wild hellcat in her private time. But despite the fact that she looks exactly like Grace Kelly, I wonder if she has the side that Grace Kelly seemed to actually possess. I don’t know! It will be interesting to find out, obviously.

Here’s hoping she begins practicing her getting naked and drinking skills right now so US Magazine has something interesting to cover.

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    • Larissa

      Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic – she plays the wilder, slutty sister to Sandra Bullock and does a great job. If she can pull those skills back out, she’ll do just fine. Granted, that was a while ago…

      • yep

        Yea, and she plays a crazy sex-crazed woman in ‘The Paperboy’ and she played a cooky, funny, slutty bitch in ‘Just Go With It.’ I think she’ll do a good job.

    • Isana Leshchinskaya

      acting is much more about imagining being in a certain situation and how you would behave rather than about what you have experienced. not much of a stretch for lindsay, maybe more difficult for nicole (although her career was at least partially pushed aside for tom to have wind beneath his wings for the duration of their whatchamacallit/marriage), but the process will probably be about understanding what her character’s motivations for her actions were, since that’s where the difference between her and princess grace may lie. those motivations and point of view are what create the core of a character, aside from all the costuming and accents and distinctive walks. it may be a challenge for her to get into grace’s head because yes, they do seem to be quite different personality types, but i think nicole is much more eager to actually do some acting, while lindsay appears to want cash to snort coke in a 1oak bathroom while tweeting about nevergonnahappen projects with jennifer lawrence(<3) for three months of pouting in a wig and reliving past hotel fights.