Well, This Is Awkward: Bieber Fans Shave Heads After Fake Cancer Rumor

This morning, a fake tweet was posted to seem like Entertainment Tonight declaring that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, fake tweets by Kanye, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj (the Minaj one seems particularly pessimistic) appeared to support this claim. The Internet frequently circulates rumors about celebrities dying, getting injured, banging, flying kites… whatever. What happened next, however, was more surprising.

In response to Justin Bieber “having cancer,” some Justin Bieber fans apparently went along with the #baldforbieber idea and shaved their heads to support him, though he actually fine.

As much as I wanna laugh about this, I also sort of want to cry because it’s very, very sad. I think it’s rad when friends and loved ones show support for a cancer patient, so while I don’t think I’d ever shave my head in support of a celebrity, I can see why this would be somehow rational to a 13-year-old who’s obsessed with a favorite performer. But the fact is that they were totally duped by a false rumor–which they definitely should’ve confirmed on a reliable media outlet or even his website, for goodness’ sake–and now, they have no hair.

But who knows? Some people figure out they love having short hair, so maybe these girls will gain some confidence from that. Or maybe I’m just being entirely too optimistic. Either way, the moral of  the story: don’t trust the Internet. IT WILL TRICK YOU. Oh, and never listen to anything Chris Brown, real or fake, tells you to do.

[via TheDailyWhat]

Pic via CarltonJordan.

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    • lalala

      I don’t care how young they are, that is stupid. I feel like everyone is becoming more and more stupid these days. They believe everything they’re told and never research or think critically. It’s driving me bananas.

      • ChuckGG

        As an older guy, I can confirm this. I’ve never seen such a lack of critical thinking. Doesn’t anyone check for facts any longer? I swear if I spread a rumor that Michael Jackson was Elvis’s secret love child with an alien from Mars, a herd of people would believe it. Maybe it is not there are more stupid people out there but they now have the internet to provide them with crap they accept unquestioningly? I have no idea but stopping and asking oneself, “does this sound reasonable?” might be a good idea.

      • lalala

        I know, right! I’m 21 and I see it in everyone my age and younger, and even older. I honestly have no idea why it is but I would love for someone to do a study on it so I could know. Maybe it’s the influence of pop culture, which makes stupidity seem glamorous (Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Honey Boo Boo)? I feel like with the internet the way it is, though, that there are no excuses.

      • lalala

        To clarify, no excuses because it’s so easy to find correct info…before buzzing your head….

      • ChuckGG

        I have some theories. First, I’m 57 and a product of the Vietnam War era. When your friends’ older brothers that you grew up with are coming home in boxes, you tend to start smelling the coffee at a pretty early age – you would be 19 soon enough and on a plane to a foreign land just as they were. Today? “I lost my earbuds for my iPod!” Boo-hoo.

        There are fewer adult role models these days. The average adult dresses like he’s going to a dog-fight. They don’t really “get it” as to what it means to be an adult – that is, growing up, maturing, accepting duty and responsibility. Even the poorest people I knew as a kid understood that at a certain age one puts away toys and grows up to become an adult. There’s a lot less of that going on.

        We have dumbed-down education, the arts and sciences, and history. Funding cuts have devastated the classic curriculum.

        Throw-away society – we used to build stuff, fix cars, repair toasters, and work around the house. Not these days. I have seen young males who wouldn’t know a socket wrench if it hit them in the head. I took my bike apart and put it together – just for fun! These days? Grow obese in front of a video game.

        What do all these things have in common? They all require people to think, to figure out things, to logically connect the dots. That seems to be gone these days.

        Then, there was the religious crowd that came about in the 1980′s. What a devastation to logic and science was that! Oh, my word! They sheltered kids from everything, fed them pablum, taught them creationism (instead of science) and revisionist history – all to comply with their version of the bible. It was a disaster. From that, you see the politicians such as Michele Bachmann, Akin, Christine O’Donnell, and that jamoke talking about God-approved rape.

        Go back in history and see if people were this stupid. Perhaps, having parents who were products of WWII made me critically aware of the world. I don’t know, but I am none too impressed with the masses. There are some brilliant young people out there – I’m not denying that, but with a 25% to 60% high-school drop-out rate when it was less than 1% when I was in school, you can see where the “great unwashed masses” are heading. We will end up with a two-class system – uneducated, unemployed, and the rest of us.

      • lalala

        I don’t know from experience, but I think you’re completely correct. Thanks for the insight! My parents are the exact same age as you, so they’ve really made a point to educate me, etc. I wish more people were aware of how dumb they are. It’s not often you see such an insightful, well thought out comment like yours. I guess all we can do is try to vote for the right people and influence change in education and awareness. I don’t know about other schools, but at all of the ones I went to, critical thinking was drilled in from kindergarten. Clearly something needs to be done to improve the education system, make kids more aware of things besides Bieber’s “cancer”, and get them to care about what matters. I’m sure young people have always been at least a little oblivious, but I think it’s only getting worse. That’s why I like sites like The Gloss. Even though a lot is fluff, they take the time to discuss and critique politics, foreign affairs, culture, literature, etc. If only there were more like this and fewer like Perez Hilton. At least here a silly kid might stumble upon something of value, unlike on many other, more popular websites.

      • ChuckGG

        Thanks for your praise! Much appreciated. The fact that you understand and see the situation sets you far and apart from the rest of the crowd. That will serve you well in life. Good luck and keep learning and being aware of the world!