Pick Of The Week: Radiator Cat Bed, For All Of Your Cat Heating Needs

Does your cat constantly try to cram its furry body on top of/in/under the radiator like a morbid character from the Suicide Food blog? Would you like your little dude/lady to be able to cook him/herself comfortably and in style, and with minimal risk of burns to the toes? Look no further than the Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed, an ingenious device which hangs off the side of your radiator for all of your cat warming needs.

Made out of quality bamboo and ecofiber, this cat can hook onto the arm of a chair, a window ledge or whatever, but it seems like it works best on a nice, toasty radiator. Your furry idiot won’t leave its confines all winter. Just don’t turn the heat up too high, or you may have a kitty cassoulet on your hands.

(22 GBP on Amazon.uk…but maybe they’ll ship it to the US if you ask really nicely)

(Via Laughing Squid)

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    • Sean

      And when your cat turns up dead from dehydration, can you sue them?

      • jamiepeck

        My roommate’s cat used to sleep on top of the radiator all the time…seems fine so long as it doesn’t get too hot?

      • Evil Stepmom

        I feel like if a cat gets too warm, it wakes up and moves. Unless you have a gas leak. You possibly have more problems than a vaguely dehydrated cat then.