‘Lena Dunham Is The Devil’ And Other Conservative Responses To Her Ad

lena dunham

So, Lena Dunham made an ad suggesting that your “first time” should be with someone who “who cares whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control.” It’s funny because “first time” applies to voting, not sex! You can watch the video here:

Quite honestly, what I got out of it was that your first time sleeping with someone should be with someone who cares about you, ditto, your first time voting. I’m not that offended by that. But other people are! Check out some Republican responses to it here:

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    • Lastango
    • http://twitter.com/nmastroddi Nik Mastroddi

      I know it’s defined by the parameters of this particular election, but it irks me that – in either sense of the analogy – the speech contains the line ‘It should be with a man…’. Because, why?

    • Cephas

      I love conservatives (and any other kind of fundamentalist thinkers, for that matter).

      They’re kinda like instatards. You just _know_ they’re gonna jerk into a phrenzy over things they just don’t understand – like similes, metaphors, irony, humour, and anything else outside their limited understanding. Plus, you get the stereotyping, personal attacks, and complete misunderstanding, for free!

      But what would we do without them? What a progressive, positive, healthy, stimulating, compassionate world that would be! Oh, wait…