Deryck Whibley Dressed Up As Ex-Wife Avril Lavigne For Halloween

Is this excellent or exceptionally petty? Seeing as how Sum 41‘s (former?) frontman and owner of many unnecessary consonants Deryck Whibley is supposedly still close with his ex-wife Avril Lavigne, we’re leaning toward excellent. Above is Whibley’s Halloween costume in which he’s dressed as his mopey ex in her “Complicated” heyday, while his girlfriend threw on a horrible wig and cheesy t-shirt to become Lavigne’s husband, Chad Kroeger of Nickleback AKA what happens if you cross Aslan the Lion with a vodka Red Bull.

Also nudging this into the field of excellence is Nickelback’s bitter response: Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK

Chemical burns all around?

(via our sister site Crushable)

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    • Cee

      So, the take away from this is that Halloween is the only time of the year in which Avril and Chad can be celebrities.

    • Sabrina

      I think that this proves that they are all still teenagers.