Single Paragraph Reviews of Board Games (For A Rainy Post-Hurricane Day)

So I’ve been pretty bored these past couple days, what with the hurricane. I have some serious cabin fever.  Yesterday, though, I did have a couple of friends who braved the storm and walked two blocks from their apartment to mine, in order to play board games with me and my boyfriend. This is why I love board games; they bring people together (as long as everyone has the right attitude). So here’s a review of some of my favorite games, as well as my all time least favorite game in the world.

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    • Sean

      I just wanted to say a friend of mine taught me to play Dixit and it is the GREATEST THING EVER. Especially after a few drinks.

      Oh, and the easiest way I’ve ever found to win at Monopoly is to buy everything in the cheap row as quickly as possible and put up hotels. Not everyone lands on Boardwalk, but everyone lands in the cheap row *all* the time. Slum lords always win Monopoly.

      • Candace

        Oh my God that’s brilliant.

    • Candace’s Mom

      Scrabble wasn’t that bad. Was it? It was Password that I found particularly scarring. What about Guesstures? Perhaps you don’t consider that to be a board game. But certainly Quickword would qualify? I thought we had so much fun playing that. Were you just humoring me?

      • Candace

        Quickword was awesome! Its just been so long that I forgot about it. Guesstures is just fancy charades. Scrabble was bad because Uncle Arty Knew too many words. And I was 9 years old.