Retro Snap: Are You Ready For The New Wicked Witch?

wicked witch of the west oz
The new Wicked Witch of the West (who you may know as Elphaba if you are a huge Gregory Maguire or if you are all musical theater all the time) is basically dressed in a catsuit in Oz The Great And Powerful. Brace yourself:

elphaba wicked witch of the west

There is a storm coming and it is going to knock the emerald city to the ground. (No, but really, do even villains have to be super sexy now? Villains in greenface?)

Picture via Yahoo Movies

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    • Sean

      Maybe she got that “hideousness” spell cast on her that caused the wicked witch from Bugs Bunny to be transformed into a pinup girl.

      Oh the classic days of politically incorrect cartoons.

    • Trish

      I’m confused by this poster, because in the trailer for the movie, they show Rachel and she is definitely not green….Maybe it’s the result of a spell gone wrong?

    • Lastango

      I assume that this is the original witch’s granddaughter, and she is bubbling-cauldron hot, with a master’s degree in witchery. For her PhD, some stylish evil is required. And the right boots.