Can You Guess What Chris Brown Was For Halloween?

Chris Brown causes controversy with offensive Halloween costume

Here is Chris Brown in his Halloween costume (he’s the one in the middle).

Please talk amongst yourselves.

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    • Alle

      As always, I keep thinking that it would be impossible for me to dislike Chris Brown than I already do. And then he does this, and I realise that there are still depths of The Worst he has yet to explore.

      • WHO CARES

        Like he gives a fuck… Who r u? Oh yea, miss perfect!

      • Alle

        My full given name! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Oh god! Team Breezy has infiltrated TheGloss!

    • LaLa

      Holy. Shit.

    • lalala

      The mind-blowing part of this (besides what an incredibly awful person he is) is the fact that so many idiot girls still love him.

    • xx

      like seriously WHAT is wrong with him

    • Erynn Petrulis

      racism just never gets old

    • Amy

      He is so fucked in the head. Makes you wonder what’s wrong with our society that a piece of trash like this is famous. I can only assume his fans are the same and that is what’s really worrying.