Award For Cutest Halloween Costume Goes To Alyson Hannigan And Her Seahorse Family

Even on a post-holiday workday when our hearts are already black from Jessica Simpson latest callous bid for attention, we are relieved to be reminded that Alyson Hannigan has one of the world’s cutest families, especially on Halloween. That’s them early yesterday evening, strolling around LA dressed as seahorses–husband Alexis Denisof (hi, Wesley!) carrying their youngest Keeva and in the middle is daughter Satyana. They are dressed as seahorses.

This is for anyone who needed a palate cleanser after Chris Brown‘s Halloween costume.

(Photo via Pacific Coast News)

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    • Sean

      Beyond the obvious “they’re adorable and this picture makes me happy” comment, I’m also nerd-happy because they got the biology right. Male seahorses carry the babies until they can swim on their own.

    • Candace

      I want, nay NEED Alyson’s shoes.

    • Samantha Escobar

      Oh my god this made my day so much better.

    • Christa

      Oh now this is how celebrity families should all do Halloween, getting awesome costumes so their wee kids can have the best time! And I really wish my country was one that got all Halloween-y now :)

    • Raerae

      I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

    • samwise

      awww, they look fun and happy.

    • Lo

      Every Halloween, I refuse to answer the door and sit in the dark with my hoard of candy. I would invite these people in for goddamn cake.