Denzel Washington’s Flight Is Sexist Disaster Porn

Movie critics all across the country are running around shouting that Denzel Washington is going to get an Oscar for his role as an alcoholic airline pilot in the new movie Flight. They’re using really clever phrases like “Denzel SOARS in Flight!” Hah! Hah! Very witty! A lot of these pun-loving critics, I’ve noticed, are men. I am not a man. However, I saw a preview screening of Flight this week and I’m here to say it is a wonderful piece of cinema – if you like ham-fisted Lifetime movies with after-school special morals, stupid music, and boobs. Tons of boobs.

This is a serious character study about a man with lots of demons who becomes a national hero when he safely lands a plane that’s nose-diving straight down onto a holy-roller church in the South, even though he’s secretly drunk and high on coke. Crash landing into a church is a subtle symbol of faith and redemption.

The actual crash is pretty impressive and tense (props to director Robert Zemeckis and his team for that), but the problem is that, before all this sheer drama begins, the movie basically opens with a shot of a woman’s perfect yet blurry boob. When my eyes finally focused and I realized that I was looking at a naked, perky breast, the words, “Are they kidding?” floated through my confused brain. I could feel my blood pressure spike a teeny bit. “What does a boob have to do with plane crashes?! I came to see plane crashes!” I thought. This isn’t a sexy French thriller. Then it got worse.

After the opening C-cup tableau, Denzel lounges in a hotel bed demurely covered by a sheet, having a long, one-sided conversation with his invisible ex-wife who seems to want money from him for their kid’s tuition. She is presented as being a bitch.

You quickly realize that the blurry boob that opened the movie belongs to a super hot woman who seems to enjoy traipsing around the hotel room buck-naked before she slips into a skimpy G-string. In a moment of true inspiration, the woman bends over, stripper style, as Denzel stares straight at her ass and says into the phone, “I’ve been up since the crack of dawn.” It’s like Chekhov meets Benny Hill.

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    • Porkchop

      “Chekhov meets Benny Hill.” Thank you for that.

      Also, Michael Bay TOTALLY DOES PULL THAT CRAP.

      • Micha_Elyi

        And this is like a Lifetime movie? Then where’s the jep?
        It’s always cute when a girl on these girl power sites pants about sexism. The junior Gloria Steinem playing movie reviewer was born 30 years too late. Her time has passed.

    • JennyWren

      Sounds like the kind of thing you used to see in Bond movies before they decided it was a bit passe and sexist (sometime around the late eighties, I think..)

      • Sean Keaton

        Have you seen any Bond movie recently? have you seen the montage? It’s a trademark.

    • Anon

      Get over it jealous bitch.

    • MR

      My brother’s an airline pilot, and they are drug tested all the time without a heads up. So if the plot is what you say, it is total horseshit.

      • ToT

        lol i don’t think so.. i know a pilot that’s using drugs.

    • Laura Brian

      Finally, someone like me…that isn’t completely numb to all the nudity and sex that’s thrown into every inch of the media. It takes away from any story, makes some people uncomfortable and it’s just plain wrong to see someone, other than your significant other, in the nude…It’s like peeking into your neighbors window when they get out of the shower, it’s just wrong. And this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

      • Sean Keaton

        The most dangerous thing is when people are out of touch with reality. Nothing is more dangerous. It’s states such as those that led to the Inquisition. Ignorance and dogmatism.

      • Tenley

        Yes, reality…..lets talk about “reality” the fact that they used a model
        Who had posed for MAXIM magazine is so realistic.
        In no way were they trying to objectify the female form but wanted to add to the “value” of the movie. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaa, what a load of Horse shit! If they wanted to be realistic, they would
        Have used a more realistic looking/everyday woman. Not the
        Kind in make ogling magazines. So obviously it was meant to be
        Realistic but instead sexual and of course sexist. Totally uncomfortable
        Scene in the movie for the female viewers. I wish men would have a
        Little sympathy for them when they have to squirm in their seats
        And get through the tits and ass to get to the good part. WAy lame!

    • hannah

      woman here. these are not the type of battles that should be fought. movies are reflections of society. there are plenty of women who saunter around hotel rooms in g strings. there are also plenty of women with nice boobs who sometimes let men see those nice boobs. these are things that happen in real life and movies aim to portray real life in most cases. or you know, entertain people (sex does that). sexism is fought on the ground by excelling in your career, fighting stereotypes by acting in opposition to them, and making political change where necessary. it is not fought in whiny movie reviews that make all feminists seem like uptight prudes who can’t separate entertainment from reality.

      • lk

        You, Hannah, are doing awesome job of fighting sexism on the ground by calling the feminists that work hard to achieve gender equality a bunch of “uptight prudes who cant separate entertainment from reality.” Way to support your sisters in the fight! Believe it or not, lots of women who consider themselves to be feminists also actually like sex!!! Sometimes, we even enjoying showing our boobs to people, too! This enjoyment, however, does not detract from the fact that the objectification of women’s bodies for popular entertainment *IS* a form of sexism that in many ways holds women back from all of the ways that you’re urging us to fight sexism here. I saw this movie, and I found the blatant fragmentation of the actress’s body in the first scene to be extremely offensive; she walks around completely naked for almost ten minutes of the film, and when she is finally given the chance to speak (only in response to something Denzel says to her) she’s straddling him on the bed, still naked, with her face and neck cut out of the frame. This editing choice alone effectively reduces the woman on camera to nothing but a pair of breasts and an ass. In terms of this newcomer actress excelling in her choice of career, agreeing to completely expose herself on camera was probably the only way to break into the industry. Did we see Denzel’s junk, or that of any male character, swinging around on screen for a good ten minute segment of the film? No, because men in our society have the privilege of excelling in their careers without needing to take their clothes off on camera to do so. In the future, please recognize the ways that institutionalized forms of sexism, like the portrayal of women by the male-dominated media industry, have larger ramifications for the ways that all of society thinks about the worth of women and women’s bodies. This is not a case of art imitating life, rather, it was the conscious decision of the filmmakers to exploit a naked woman’s body as a cheap excuse for the opening scene. Maybe, just maybe, this “whining” is one way that the author decided to fight sexism on the ground, instead of confusing her own ignorance for feminism and continuing to perpetuate society’s sexist, male-favored way of thinking like you have. Cheers!

      • Sean Keaton

        Get real woman! It’s a movie. Exploit! Are you kidding? Was the woman tied and bound, or put under hypnosis? It’s usually but-ugly women or prudes who talk like this. If you’re not for it, it doesn’t mean others who love it should not enjoy it.

        The woman is a professional, practicing her craft and getting paid and even recognized, with the likelihood that she’d probably get more roles now. There you are, talking exploitation. You don’t know what exploitation is. Come to some parts Africa or go to some other parts of the world such Myanmar or something and you’ll learn what exploitation is.

        It’s a free world woman.

      • jack

        did you even read the comment youre responding to? she clearly explained what is exploitative about an unknown actress only being able to get more roles by getting naked. not sure what hypnosis has to do with exploitation either

      • Lewis Edwardson

        Really? There are plenty of famous women who have never showed a nipple. Some choose to, some choose not to, that’s their choice to make.

        At the same time, there are plenty of men who are seen nude in films, sometimes even for extended lengths of time. Feminists who claim that films are sexist because they show women nude are the ones who are being sexist. Why is it only sexist if it’s a woman being shown nude, despite men being shown nude in films too? It’s completely equal. People can choose whether or not to be shown nude; they’re not forced to against their will.

      • Jen

        Dude seriously? A woman doesn’t have to be tied and bound. A woman can make a conscience decision to be in an exploititave role. Men will defend movie clips like this of course cause it benefits them. They get to oggle women and their parts. Any excuse “real life” “trying portray this character” is just that, an excuse. An excuse to see a pair of tits and ass. There are PLENTY of other opportunies to oggle women-porn, magazine, advertisements, billboards, that disgusting hooters restaurant, strip clubs. The list is a mile long. Can’t we just leave it out of movies that are meant for both genders? Hell, not even taken out but just reduced so its not so raw and in your face? I was squirming at the opening scene and didn’t even watch it cause I was repulsed by it. I think nudity is beautiful but if done in such an offensive matter then it’s pretty awful.there is absolutely no reason to have an opening scene be of a fuckin boob then followed by tits, ass, and bush for 5 minutes. I’m seriously, it was pretty ridiculous. Gimme a break

      • Lindsay

        Well said Ik!!!!! WELL SAID!!! I couldn’t have explained it
        better myself.! Thank you for those words. Maybe Hannah
        can learn from them.
        I don’t know what’s worse, sexist pig men,
        or idiot women like Hannah who are so
        accepting of them and their behaviors. She’s Probably a stripper,
        or works at Hooters lmao
        Way to back your sisters, hannah….Dumb ass. Peace out.

      • Lisa

        Woman here, we are not uptight Whiney prudes. Female nudity is shown in absolute excess and enough is enough. Ya, it’s real life, and in real life men get naked too but we don’t see penises but rather tits and ass a majority of the time. If someone wants to stare at naked women, there is porn for that. I was all excited to see the movie but 5 minutes into it, I had to turn it off cause I was very uncomfortable with the close up of the boob opening to her walking around and having a full display of tits and ass for 5 minutes. Maybe real life, but so are alot of things that don’t need to be shown on a public screen. I found it unnecessary and didn’t watch the movie because of it. I am able to separate real life from entertainment etc. I just don’t think it’s needed to see tits and ass in a regular non porn movie for entertainment. It can be very insulting and uncomfortable for females who would probably like to see a movie without their parts being thrown around the screen like someone passing the butter at the dinner table. Very lame, very sexist, unneeded female nudity ….seems to be a common theme in movies nowadays unfortunately.

      • Lewis Edwardson

        Only a woman can present female nudity. Don’t blame men for it. There is a requirement for any movie to show female breasts: A female who exposes her breasts. That is her choice. If women don’t agree to be filmed in the nude, then there won’t be nude scenes involving women. Besides, I don’t see how there’s anything “sexist” about it. Men are seen nude in movies plenty of times. You even see Denzel Washington’s butt at one point. Don’t say “but movies don’t show penises”. They don’t show vaginas either. There’s nothing sexist about nude scenes. Along with that, nudity enhances the realism of a film, makes it more in touch with real life and also creates a very serious and mature mood. When I see breasts in a emotionally negative environment, I don’t get a boner, because I don’t associate breasts with sex. Seeing breasts in that sort of situation in a movie actually makes me feel like the guy in the scene is even more screwed up. He wasn’t having a good night’s rest before flying the plane; he was drunk and banging a woman all night. Without the woman there, he probably would have simply fallen asleep. It’s an important part of the mood and plot.

      • SickoftheBS

        Bullshit, an important part of a plot? Bullshit bullshit bullshit.
        Only a man would say that. At least be honest
        And just say you like seeing tits and ass instead
        Of some horseshit line saying it adds value to
        A movie. Anyone who doesn’t see This as sexist
        Is either a liar or blind. And yes showing female nudity
        A majority of the time is sexist considering “realism” is
        That men get naked just as much in real life as women
        Do. But of course only shown a minimal amount. Butts don’t count. Btw
        Again….bullshit….butts are pg-13. Tits are “R” …..
        I’m so sick of men defending this shit and wish they would
        Just admit the truth which is that it’s simply sexist and
        They Like Being able to getting an eye full.
        It’s so clear. At least be honest about it
        Tired of hearing the lame BULLSHIT

      • Jen

        And you’re damn fucking straight I will blame men
        For it. The reason women choose to do this
        Is because men pay to watch it and alot of times
        Women Are pressured so they can boost ratings. Ie; Halle berry offered
        500,000 to show her tits in swordfish…..oh
        Yes, really adds authenticity to a movie and so
        Much value …..Lmao. It’s to see tits and ass. Plain
        And simple……..

      • Tammy

        Her tits, ass, AND vagina were in full view and
        full gratuitous display. Whoever said the vagina
        wasnt visible must have been in the wrong theatre.
        wait, go back and rent it again. Im sure you
        will have no trouble finding the time to research.
        Probably hit the rewind button 40 or 50 times….have the
        box of Kleenex ready! lol
        I don’t care what
        arguement someone contrives. That scene
        was in no way necessary and it was very
        excessive and offensive. A clear scene of
        sexism in mine, as well as many others-mainly
        women’s opinion. Of course men are gonna
        chime in to defend it cause this scene benefits
        THEM and they get to see a naked women
        and get their jollies off. No man will ever complain
        of a scene and certainly won’t take the time to
        see or understand why a woman would be upset
        by this sadly.

      • Final_Word

        “Woman here, we are not uptight Whiney prudes.”

        Yes you are.

    • Majorpope

      The boob is a shock the instant the movie starts that jerks the audience, who came into the theater with expectations, right into the world and crazy life Zemeckis feels they need to see in order to understand his main character immediately.

      The girl’s apparent lack of discomfort in front of Denzel is meant to show that this is the born in his (the Mai characters) life.

      It was all highly effective. Shame you don’t understand any of it.

      • Majorpope

        Sorry, “that this is the norm”, not born. Phone….

      • Lisa

        Wow, the audience needs a boob as an opening to understand shock? Of course we aren’t offended as women. In order to make sure they aren’t confused they should also get a close up of her spread eagle to see her pussy lips, I am sure that would be completely “effective” lmao. A viewer female or male, has the right to dislike a film or be upset with a scene in a movie. I was completely insulted and felt it was ridiculous to start off the movie in such a trashy way. So unnecessary and offensive. Of course anyone who comes and bashes people who were upset at that scene are gonna accuse the people of being ugly or jealous (which is true ignorance) a good looking woman can be offended at this scene as well. Not all good looking women like being objectified and some have respect for themselves unlike this actress who took this role.

    • stephanie

      I ejoyed the movie……… everything except the lengthy unneeded segment with a nude woman strutting around. If I wanted porn, then I could find it elsewhere.I do not watch porn and this made me feel uncomfortable,especially with my 15 and 16 old grandchildren sitting next to me. Is this where our society is heading? What’s next.?

    • Jason Beautis

      I think you’re leaning far too heavily on the boob aspect, which you declare isn’t exactly offensive as you seem to want or need it to be. Ordinarily, when a man and woman are having such relations and are intimate, I don’t find it unrealistic that she’s naked. But prudish puritanical American women are perhaps discomforted with the sense of comparison it may portray.

      • Beth

        Of course an ignorant dipshit would make the “prudish” remark.
        If that makes me prude, so be it. I can live with that. I’m sure you would
        Be saying that if it was your sister or cousin in the movie…surely

    • Kade Mitchell

      From a filmmakers perspective, I see Zemeckis trying to show that what Washingtons character is a loose cannon with little respect for those around him. The woman is never really shown to us aside from her privates because that’s all Washingtons character sees her as. The scene sets up the character and makes the audience dislike him from the start, an effective move for a character study film. Did we need to see the naked lady? Maybe not, but the scene works. The proof that it does is your reaction. You are correctly angry about the depiction of the woman, as it is quite tasteless, but you’re supposed to be angry with Washingtons character for seeing her that way, not Zemeckis for telling the story.

      Before many people start an argument about the audience not needing all that nudity to get the point… the majority of mainstream film audiences are not very intelligent and sometimes need to be blatantly told/shown what a character is thinking. Don’t believe me? Go to IMDB and read the discussions of almost any movie. Somme one always asks “What did it mean when so-and-so did that?”

      There is an inequality in film nudity. A penis shown in a film historically means box office death. And why? Society and the media paint the nude male form in the worst possible light, telling us we are too ugly to be captured on film. Look at it this way: women GET to be nude on fil where men don’t. Talk about unfair. Let’s see more man meat on the big screen. Then there will be true equality.

    • Jessy

      Good looking women can be offended too you ignorant moron.
      What kind of idiot makes an ignorant comment like that?