There Is Now A Pink Car For Ladies

pink honda car women

Do you often find that you cannot drive your boyfriend/husband/chattel-master’s car? It is because you are a lady and that car is too brown/red/not-pink for you! Thank God Honda has come to the rescue. With ‘She’s', a little pink lady-mobile.

According to BrandChannel:

Honda is looking to shake up the industry with a new sub-brand of the Honda Fit called, in a fill-in-the-blank kind of way, “She’s.” It’s pinktastic, and has nothing to do with Breast Cancer Awareness other than an affinity for the feminine hue.

And it’s not just the outside that is pink. It’s the inside, too. Even the keys are pink. It also has “a windshield designed to block skin-wrinkling ultraviolet rays” which means that your skin will stay porcelain smooth and men will continue loving you (maybe. Don’t get fat).

I don’t really know what’s happening in this video (can anyone translate?) but I gather this is the kind of vehicle that is also excellent for lounging against while wearing straw hats and 90′s style sundresses.

Finally I will no longer have to move by use of my Victoria’s Secret style wings or by crawling from place to place on all fours, naked, in a sexy-animal pose, which is normally how women move about.

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    • Lo

      I think the car is stalking that woman. It’s just there, in the background of every scene, watching her.

      • Alle

        I had no idea Christine was pink.

    • LaLa

      Yay! Finally!! I’m going to have to ask my husband to buy one for me. Of course, my feeble little lady-brain won’t remember this tomorrow so let me just grab my Bic For Her pen and write myself a little note!

    • Renee

      You know, putting something in a windshield to block harmful ultraviolet rays is a good idea. Cause skin cancer sucks. But this…ughhhhhhh.

    • Lastango

      So, are you planning to diss the women who buy them? To each their own.

    • tara

      OH MY GOD who gives a fuck. its not like they are forcing you to buy one or refusing women any other color that they might desire. you need to relax a little.

    • MR

      I skipped over this one earlier, cause the title really didn’t sound like you wanted a guy’s opinion. Yes, I don’t speak their language, but the Japanese are very friendly and helpful if you’re lost. In Hiroshima you have to walk a good distance from the JapaneseRail station to the Schoolyard. But if you’re American, the Japanese want you to see it.

    • Maggie

      Hahaha, silly Honda, everyone knows that we fragile women-creatures can’t drive, we’re too focused on lipstick and husbands.