Is It Just Me, Or Is Kristen Stewart Channeling Kim Kardashian With This Outfit?

As much as I’m iffy about the Robert Pattinson appeal, I actually have very few negative feelings on Kristen Stewart. As a kid, she was in the movie version of one of my favorite adolescent books and, despite also being in a series of horrible movies, I don’t mind her at all. In fact, I think that her past somewhat understated style has been refreshing, in a way.

But lately, it seems like her wardrobe is going down the Miley Cyrus route, i.e. persistently trying to convince people that she’s getting older and should be seen as such by wearing “adult” garments. Cyrus has also been wearing a lot of bras as tops, which seem to be yelling. “LOOK, I’M A GROWN UP, SEE?!” Don’t get me wrong: sometimes I love how bras and bustiers look as fancy schmancy clothing, but that’s pretty rare. Most of the time, it looks bland, dull or just plain ridiculous.

While attending the AFI Fest for the premiere of “On The Road,” Stewart wore what appears to be a bustier made of soft, thin foam. She also donned some pleated high-waisted pants, an awkwardly square hairdo and lipstick that I’m not fond of. I like a lot of the outfits she wears, particularly to premiers and awards shows, but this feels entirely too Kim Kardashian for me. Remember that terrible bra get-up she wore a few weeks ago? Cutout boustiers are  almost always a terrible idea, dammit, and that should’ve served as a warning.

Plus, the whole outfit doesn’t seem to fit particularly well. And the bra kind of reminds me of the bandages women get after breast implant surgery.

Stewart has also gotten a lot of flack for being seen as boring or monotonous, particularly given the way she doesn’t change facial expressions. But while it’s nice to see her changing up her look, I would love it if she went down a different, less Kardashian direction. Her name already starts with a K, which automatically qualifies her as “at risk.”

Pictures via WENN.

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    • Ella Jane

      It’s Balenciaga, her like favorite favorite or whatever. I don’t particularly like it, but I’m sure Ghesquière shipped it to her and she was just like “HOKAY”.

    • Cassie

      I think her outfit is cool. I think if you’re going to wear a mega-mom-pants cut, you have to balance it with something with sex appeal.This is also one of the more demure bra-tops I’ve seen, and it fits her well. If Kim wore this, she’d be spilling out of it grotesquely.

    • Amy

      Seriously, is she on crack? Hideous, like 99% of what she wears. Fire your stylist Kiki, I think she hates you.

    • lucygoosey74

      I don’t hate it..but I would hate it on Kim because she would buy it 4 sizes too small and make it look all porn-y and silly. I actually think Kristin pulls it off in a classy way.