What Your Favorite First Lady Says About You

first ladies michelle obama

How much do you love pearls? Also, how much do you love voting? Voting will not get you jewelry, but it will probably get you a little flag pin, and maybe a free ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s.  Also, it will help you identify more with one of these first ladies. Which one do you identify most with? It says a bunch about you.

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    • AA

      Ladybird fucking johnson

    • MR

      Again one guy’s perspective – and keep in mind, I’ve just been driving or doing shot gun in a car with my buddy and his wife for over 7 hours, and they got two and a half hours still to go – But for what it’s worth I have a story that contradicts your comments on Jackie-O. On Martha’s Vineyard over 20 years ago another college buddy of mine had car problems and he takes his car to the shop and starts hitchhiking back to his house. It was in October, quiet season on the island. Anyways Jackie gives him a ride. He said she was a very earthy person. He has a roofing business there, and she had him come over to her house at Gay Head. He said on her kitchen wall there was this board full of photos, which included JFK and John John, Teddy and other known members of JFK’s clan. So based on what I heard from him, she wasn’t like anything you said at all.