What Are You Wearing To Vote?

I want you to know I spent the morning obsessing over this.


I am waving at you because we are voting today! If you live in the US!

I normally wear dresses – because I’m not a farmer – but I thought, if I show up in some sort of shift dress and pearls like I wear every day, people are going to think I am voting for Mitt Romney. I live in New York. It’s possible that they would just turn on me, like in The Bacchae. More importantly, I was not going to stand there in line for an hour or however long it takes with people thinking I was voting Romney. I just wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even if I was voting for Romney.

So I put on blue jeans I layered a collared shirt (with red and blue in it! SEE THE RED AND BLUE LIKE PATRIOTISM?) like I’m Winnie Cooper, and I am wearing… this. This is what I am wearing to vote. See the picture. Above.

I think it says “I believe in social justice.” What this picture doesn’t show you is the “OBAMA 4 EVER” tattoo on my forehead, because I covered that really well, using some great  primer and foundation.

Look, honestly, I should have just worn some Barack Obama t-shirt if I was so into people seeing who I’m voting for.

I don’t have a Barack Obama t-shirt. I guess I didn’t plan very well.

So. What are you wearing to vote? Do you have lucky pieces of clothing? Tattoos that will be incredibly appropriate only for the next four years? You tell me! I am just a cool relaxed democrat who loves layering sweaters! Maybe later I will play you some music on an acoustic guitar! My entire world is changing!

God, I can’t wait to wear a shift dress again tomorrow. Pants are really confining.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/katrihaas Katri Haas

      I love the Jack Donaghy reference. I’m wearing leopard flats and jeans with a bateau top.

    • ZanBrody

      Got up super early to vote this morning, since I have a huge deadline on a project today. On the way my husband looked at me and said “Wait, did you put on makeup just to vote?” OF COURSE.

    • Colleen

      Skinny jeans, black knee-high boots with heels, grey plaid peacoat, blue scarf, and rainbow gloves (the kind that has the foldy-mitten part).
      I live in Alaska, and I voted at 730 in the morning. Cold. But fashionable.

    • http://helloalle.com/ Alle

      I wore blue skinny jeans over a pinkish tshirt and black hoodie, black coat, rainbow circle scarf and floppy black combat boots with studs. I like to think it says “I’m colourful and happy, but fuck with my right to cast my ballot and I will kick you in the face.”
      What a stylish lot we are here!

    • Liz

      Living in a very conservative area, I looked like the president of the young republicans club today as I went to not vote for Romney.

      • EKS

        indeed! so many things affect dress. we come in all stripes as we vote for not Romney :)

    • NotThumper

      My husband was headed to work after voting so he was in a suit (American flag tie and Obama lapel pin), I was in jeans, a red, white, & blue t-shirt with unzipped navy sweatshirt. I had my “Women for Obama” bag on my shoulder. My 16 month old daughter had her “2012 Babies for Obama” onesie on with jeans and an unzipped sweatshirt like her mama. :) I think it is safe to say people knew who we were voting for! ;)

    • EKS

      Dark skinny jeans, suede flats, oxford cloth button down, velvet blazer, a scarf, puffy vest, leather gloves. Typical clothes for heading to class in this annoyingly chilly for early-Nov. weather, but I’m sure there was someone there who misjudged me as a Romney voter simply based on dress. Pish posh! I used to care what those people think (there was even an ex who threw ‘preppy’ and ‘Republican’ at me like they were not only synonymous but foregone conclusions because I wore argyle and was educated and from New England…what? I know, right? it didn’t last long). So, you can’t let them get to you. If you were raised on classics – go with it! Nevermind the people who will make assumptions about you because of it.

    • slave2liberty

      what a shallow, ingorant baffoon. and to think that this represents the leftist-driven populist movement, which is strangling reason and intellectual inquiry into grave matters related to liberty and the role of government. baaaaah. baaaaaah.

      • mm

        I’m actually cracking up, thank you! Silly, silly person. Have you tried Xanax? I wouldn’t normally recommend it, it’s really strong, but it might benefit you.

      • kj

        “Ingorant bafoon” has to be my favourite insult ever!

        I suppose that your vision of reason and intellectual inquiry is not compatible with the concept of “spell check.”

        Baaaaaah baaaaah indeed, my friend.

    • Porkchop

      I look look cartoonishly Republican right now (pleated skirt, argyle cardigan). Purely for safety (in Eric Cantor’s district).

    • mm

      Ahh I always wear dresses too! I’m deciding what to wear to vote right now because I’m going to go vote now…….so honestly it will probably be a sundress and a cardigan and some strappy sandals that are not flip flops and my really massive Chanel sunglasses. I don’t know what that looks like, but I’m in CA so it doesn’t matter. My vote for Obama will be one of many.

    • lovecomesfromlife

      I wore my boots, cargos, and stained rain jacket. Because I am a farmer!

    • MR

      Yes, you look like a Democrat. :) I voted absentee, cause I’ve been in Ohio the last week and half. I had one of my work suit’s on, when I filled out and handed in my absentee ballot at my county board of elections. I told you the sisters’ field operations in Cleveland would break Romney. They waged a great campaign.