Beauty Trands From History: What To Do About Your Unwanted Facial Hair (Besides Removing It)

What are your thoughts on beards? On a potential make-out partner, I have mixed feelings. I’ve lived in the beard forest that is Brooklyn for the past few years, and I must admit that I’ve come to admire a hipster beard or two.

 You want me to make out with what now?

Beards are totally fine in theory. In practice though, some beards have a highly unfortunate effect on my skin, as if they were constructed out of steel wool dipped in whatever the opposite of Noxema is. Attractive!

This is what your prickly beard feels like.

Whatever your feelings on beards for the menfolk, you might assume that it’s safe to say that beards have never been a good look for the ladies. Female facial hair is so taboo that waxing salons don’t even dare list it (at my salon, it appears that one would have to request, and pay separately for, waxing of one’s cheeks and “lower lip” instead of one convenient lady beard removal request). Merely having a few chin hairs could qualify as a life-long bearded lady career not so long ago in the circus’ “differently beautiful” section.

This girl’s got a lot of look going on.

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