Obama Won! Look At Sarah Palin’s New Hair!

We are the real America! Us! People who love gays and let our ladies run free, unfettered by binder rings! Unless it’s a Fifty Shades of Grey thing! And now that we have had that incredibly joyful moment, let’s take a second to ponder what is going on with Sara Palin’s new hairdo.

sarah palin

At first glance you might think that, possibly, because of the GOP loss, Sarah Palin’s hair has grown massive as is eating all its feelings. But really, it just wants to remember a simpler, gentler time in the mid-80′s when Republicans were actually in power.

Picture via Buzzfeed via citylightsanddrunkhighfives

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    • Ana

      When did Sarah Palin move to the Jersey shore? Diggin’ the bump-it + spray tan combo.

    • Whoop Whoop

      She had just bopped the black stage hand before coming on.

      • Flayer

        Eh, does that make her a racist or not. Just need clarification from the experts.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JGR4M4YTZXM22OICCEBLMHR4RE roger

      Sarah, you are a vacuous bimbo. I wouldn’t do you with Glen Rice’s dick.

      • Me

        Well roger, you’d have to borrow a dick from somewhere as yours has completely engulfed you.

    • Herb_Diehr

      Many people are afraid of Sarah Palin; what they think she is, believes and does. She’s a woman. A wife. No one has ever seriously commented upon he fidelity. She stands for what she believes and states it clearly.
      Feinstein is the same.
      Difference? Their side of the pokitical aisle. Many people disagree with one or the other. No one makes cat calls about Feinstein. Sarah Palin is attractive, to many. Feinstein is not, except (maybe) to her husband. Is it Palin’s looks bothering people? Doubtful. Her inability in politics? Some say so. Most of her political opponents are afraid of her. She may be a lightning rod for conservatives in 2016.
      These lame attacks upon her looks, infidelity and stupidness are uncalled for in our ‘liberal’ world-view. Everyone deserves respect. No one should be bullied. All people are equal. Everyone’s opinion matters. These are some of today’s American ideals. They only apply to liberals. Not to all.
      If I wrote about how my special needs son is bulled in school (which he is), many people would be upset about it. My wife and I are. The school is not.
      When Palin says she loves her down syndrome son as much as her other children, she’s ridiculed.
      Now, what kind of a person treats one special needs kid with sympathy and another with derision? One columnist was quite vocal (for years) about the black man killed by being towed behind a pick-up truck. Now, he is calling for conservative politicians to be dragged to death and gun owners to be killed.
      Where are these good American sentiments now? There is a clear double-standard involved and the people with it are not willing to admit it’s wrong or even a double-standard.
      During my 14 years military service, I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. Many of you reading this probably have, as well. ‘Freedom of Speech’ is the cry from these double-standard people with their crude comments about some people and not others.
      The Second Ammendment is less popular with them. Feinstein wants to take away all guns from everyone (except herself). Is she treated to the same crude behavior?
      Those sanctimonious name-callers may not think it right to have their wives called the same thing as Palin. They may be upset to read in the paper (all of them) how stupid and unattractive she is and what ridiculous beliefs she has.
      Shoe on the other foot isn’t so pleasant.
      Sarah Palin shall not go away and neither shall your wife. Get used to them both and treat everybody with equal respect. You’ll be a better man for it.

    • Flayer

      Sarah is beautiful. That’s what bugs her haters. They are jealous. Are you seriously comparing her looks to the “blinding” beauty of Hillary, Moochelle, Boxer, Pelosi? My observation is that liberal women tend to be ugly and conservative women are good looking. Perhaps it is cause and effect: ugly women seek refuge in liberalism or liberal women become uglier with time. Well I’ll leave that question for sociologists but just my observation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Burnes/100002235950972 Brett Burnes

        Perhaps beautiful, vacuous people seek refuge in conservatism where the book’s worth is determined by the cover alone?

        By the way your sociologists are all “angry, ugly liberals” as you say; you may not get an answer you like out of them.

      • Flayer

        My other observation is that liberal women mostly become “successful” on the shirttails of a successful or extremely wealthy man (Hillary, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Granholm…
        Conservative women like Sarah Palin earned their positions the hard way, by building one one success after another.

      • jcgoogchambers

        Palin made it on her own????

      • Me

        Yes, she did. She made mayor, governor, and ran for the office of vice president. She did it with the MSM hounding her at every opportunity. Too bad they didn’t vett Obama like that, otherwise we wouldn’t be heading for this disaster and the dems wouldn’t be after the bill of rights.

      • Flayer

        No, her rich, connected husband (a union worker who for 18 years toiled on the North Slope of the Alaska oil fields) bought her a governorship . (sarc)
        Palin was the most popular governor in the history of the US. Cheers…

    • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.phillips.792 Ronald Phillips

      What is most delicious is the Left’s raging hatred on display everytime they see her. I for one hope she stays around a long time, I love to see how she makes her enemies turn out the very same self-righteous, judgemental, mysogynistic behavior they blame on the Right. Eat it, people. Your hypocrisy is delish.

    • Me

      They went ballistic when she went on stage that night at the RNC. Since that 10 pint jump for McCain, they’ve been after her with everything they have. They hate her because they fear her. They can’t walk the walk she walks, and they hate her thick skin.