Ann Romney Wore Fire Engine Red To Accept Defeat

Yesterday, America narrowly avoided four years under a President Mitt Romney. Even though the Republican nominee boasted to the press that he’d only prepared a victory speech, it sure looked like he wasn’t ad-libbing his concession speech (during which he thanked henchman Paul Ryan in the creepiest way possible with, “Besides my wife, Ann, Paul is the best choice I’ve ever made,” reminding us yet again that he needs his feelings nodes recalibrated).

Speaking of Ann Romney, she wore another red dress. As is her wont, it was a modest cut with sleeves and a high neckline. She paired it with a statement necklace. We find fire engine red to be a very curious color for one’s acceptance of defeat. Still, it’s not one of her worst looks by any means.

That Sarah Palin bump needs to go, though.

More importantly, is that one of Romney’s hundreds of sons on the far right? He’s pretty hot.

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    • Ana

      Her hair last night was outrageous

      • Alexis H

        I KNOW! This picture doesn’t do the messy, bed-headedness justice. I couldn’t believe that’s how she planned to debut herself as the new first lady if Mitt had won.

    • Melannie

      Well I love the Romneys. I feel bad for them, and for everyone in the 1% right now. Whatever. Can’t change anything.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Can’t tell if satire or trolling.

      • Melannie

        I’m telling the true. I’m not trolling. My genuine opinion.

      • Geena

        Your jokes are great Melannie!

        HAHAHAHAHHAHA! I am HYSTERICALLY laughing because of my lady-brain. But I assure you, I too am inconsolable! What will the 1% do???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • LauraParker

        When they get finish with the 1 per cent… they will come for you too. In fact, they already have with taxes for next year. Unless of course, you don’t pay taxes. Well, anyway… eventually, we will all run out of money and it will be worthless with the way they are printing it and spending it pass our ability to repay it… it won’t make a difference. We will be a third world country. Way to go… gang!

      • Melannie

        I am not kidding.

    • Mollie

      Mrs. Romney’s dress and hair were lovely. Anyone looked at Hilary’s gawd awful hair lately?? Where is her stylist??

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Pip Sadler

      Is Romney’s hot son being ‘on the far right’ an intentional pun? Either way, I am definitely amused.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I couldn’t resist!

    • LauraParker

      I agree Mollie. Ann Romney is a classie lady!

    • LadyLogic

      Ah yes, a truly amazing piece of journalism where modesty is mocked and a traditional marriage where more than 2.5 children exists is passe. Thanks for all the progressive speak and tolerance.