Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Seem To Realize That Tattoos Are Permanent

Lucky who? Lucky you? Lucky me?

At first glance, Scarlett Johansson looks as if she’s all there in the head. She’s talented, glamorous and appears to be an overall class act even in the face of drama. Remember that whole phone-hacking nonsense that confirmed that Johansson is just as gorgeous naked as we assumed she would be? But despite what we see on the surface, Johansson is clearly missing a screw or two.

Because her first tattoo wasn’t strange (read: ugly) enough, she decided she needed to get yet another one that would make the majority of people furrow, scowl, then Google “ScarJo crazy?”

While in Paris recently, Johansson hit up Fuzi Uvtpk‘s residency at Le Salon. Uvtpk, whose tattoo shop is in Perpignan (southern France), inked the actress with the above “LUCKY YOU” tattoo. At first glance, you immediately wonder if she let a friend’s kid draw the design that she had PERMANENTLY placed on her body. The next thought is to wonder if it’s some sort of ode to the good ol’ fashioned way of prison tattoos that really do look like they let some 13-year-old kid loose with the tattoo gun. But no worries, guys! It’s supposed to look like that. Get it? It’s irony!

The former graffiti artist created what he has called “ignorant style,” and that is what we see on Johansson’s ribcage. What is ignorant style? As his site explains it’s “an ironic twist and self-confident assertion,” and something that a “new worldwide generation of writers identified with,” turning it into an “artistic movement, much like Wildstyle in its time.” Well then.

So basically, it’s sort of like if Banksy opened a tattoo shop and started dolling out his artwork on the bodies of people — kind of? Granted Uvtpk isn’t as well-known as Banksy, but maybe that’s just because he shows his face so there’s no mystery involved? Or not.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?


Photo: Fuzi Uvtpk 

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    • Cee

      I don’t understand the big deal everyone is making about her tattoo. Anybody can have the same opinion about anybody’s tats. Its her body, her choice and her reasoning/ meaning or lack thereof. I find it hypocritical that people with tattoos are the ones critizising it the most. To you, it may be the most unique/artistic thing in the world, but its probably crap to everyone else, especially your friend who tells you she TOTTALLY your “art.”

      • Cee

        Totally gets*

    • L


    • ndonnelly

      That is effing hideous. Can’t tell from that pic how big/exactly where it is, but it looks like an epic mistake.

    • belladaniela

      tattoos should be meaningful to the person getting them. what other people think doesn’t matter:)

    • Mizz

      Ugly or not, I fail to see the connection with Banksy… his work is polished and unrelated to the tattoo industry.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yeah, I don’t see the Banksy connection either? Banksy is pretty exacting about everything.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I was just referencing another graffiti artist… no deeper meaning than that.

      • hg

        amanda, your limited understanding of art et al, is why you had to include banksy, he’s the only artist you have ever heard of…

      • quiop

        So true.

      • Anyone can right, write?

        Except for the fact they both breath air I fail to see any relation between Bansky and the guy who wants to be a tattoo artist and can not draw so he is clever enough to “invent” a child like style and convince others it is cool. An “emperor’s new clothes” situation.

      • ACRW

        Banksy*** I think you are correct, it is the only living artist the writer could reference.

    • Naomi

      So we’ll cry boo at people who criticize women for choices pertaining to their body (including plastic surgery), but personal (and permanent) choices like tats are fair game? Oh, ok, then.

    • Sarah Anne Lloyd

      This is a bad example of the rest of the dude’s work, I have decided after looking at it. It just looks too much like a shitty tattoo someone would get — wrong content for that artist. But I love this shit:

    • Brianna

      I like it. It’s still puffy and irritated, so I’m thinking it will look better when things calm down.

    • tat2x

      Scarlett can do what she wants… she’s rich and famous. We’ll be standing by with our Ink Armor sleeves to help those who work a 9 to 5 protect their ink from the sun and their boss: All that really matters is that she’s happy with her choice.

    • Erica

      Lucky her! To be fair though, that is a sensitive spot right on her rib cage. Maybe she moved a few times during the process?

    • Sarah

      So this is what Napoleon Dynamite is up to these days? As an artist myself I get the whole ironic thing but I don’t want to…

    • Amy

      I’ve always thought she was the worst so this is just further proof. She lacks tact, moronic insensitive rubbish spurts out of her mouth everytime she opens it and her fake marriage to Ryan Reynolds was as boring as it was pointless.

    • JennyWren

      Yeah, I’m really not into judging other people’s tattoos. I really resent it when people criticize my own (small and REALLY inoffensive) tats (to my face! Rude!) because I would never slate someone’s haircut or tell them they had a hideous taste in clothes- what people choose to do with their bodies is up to them. As long as she likes it, what does it matter?

    • holisticthug

      It’s probably a “whimsical” nod to whoever is lucky enough to see her naked. Btw, tattoos aren’t that permanent. Laser anyone?

    • Jeronimo Dan

      In twenty years and she’s lucky enough to still be around, she’ll rue the day…

    • HG

      the only thing worse than the “ignorant tattoo” is this ignorant article written by an ignorant chick…

    • Lorraine

      Of all the beautiful meaningful tattoos she could get…she chose this????? Well thankfully it is her body.

    • Merv the Perv

      The more tattoos she gets, the less I want to bang her.

      • Kevin Sherf

        That is precisely why she got the tat.

    • DumbWebsiteJudgeyGossip

      To the “author” of this so-called news item: Aren’t you judgmental. It’s HER body. She didn’t get the tat for you. Who gives a flying EFF what you think of it??? This article is garbage. Your opinions, well, they’re yours. Nobody cares.

      • Matthew Jacobs

        But yet you read the article and then stuck around long enough to post a comment.

    • Dumb Arses

      Seriously? None of you recognize that this is about a football team with a potential HOF player and his name happens to be “Luck.”

    • Matthew Jacobs

      Those words would be better placed just above her backside.

    • Chuck Yeager

      She voted for the idiot in the whitehouse, again. You didn’t realize she is crazy?

    • Harry Hennessey

      I thought everyone knew that getting a tattoo was a bad idea…

    • Festus Dillon

      Beauty fades, Dumb is forever!

    • Festus Dillon

      She should have put that tattoo around her twat.

    • Joe

      “[W]hen your body looks like a dirt bag’s binder from seventh-grade metal shop, it doesn’t bode well for your character.”

      Tina Fey

    • Roshan

      I’m not sure if we are looking at the same tattoo or if the author of this article just wants to pretend they know more about art than they do. I don’t think it’s bizarre or ugly at all. It is stylized to look twee and childlike, the ‘font’ is similar to something out of a Jeffrey Brown comic. It is not something that could be replicated by a 13 year old. I realize this article is just linkbait, but if you don’t know anything about art, have someone else write the article rather than doing 5 minutes of research and making a (dated) Banksy reference.

    • abs1

      Hipsters gonna hipst.

    • sam

      I love it. People don’t understand that she designed this personally and there is not one way of getting a “good” tattoo, and it is not very intelligent of people to think it was badly done… The point of an artistic expression like this is that the STYLE actually MEANS something. This has a style. It is not unskillfully done

    • Rosalie

      I have several tattoos, three of which people have described to me as strange, different, ugly, regretful and inappropriate. I don’t get inked unless they have some kind of story of meaning to me and hold a special place in my heart and my life. I love my tattoos and I don’t see why people feel I need their approval or opinion on something that really doesn’t concern them. I think if Scarlett loves her tattoos, then she should flaunt them with everything she’s got and screw what anyone else says or thinks.

    • sadfreind

      lol you don’t know a damn thing.. keep your nose out of shit you don’t understand.

    • smallpox

      looks like she had sex with a horse, that stamped this tattoo on her
      she’s so lucky