Ways Your Fat Friends Are Conspiring To Make You Fat, Too

obese friends

The Telegraph wants to remind you, once again, that your fat friends are making you fat. They report:

In 2007, a study of more than 12,000 people by the Harvard Medical School and the University of California found those with obese friends or siblings were at a greater risk of becoming overweight.

It reported that an obese person’s friends were 57 per cent more likely to put on weight alongside them than those surrounded by slimmer people.

The takeaway from these studies always seems to be “ditch your fat friends, shun them, surround yourself only with models? Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE CONSPIRING TO MAKE YOU FAT. I’ve thought about a few ways they might be doing this:

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    • blahblahblah<3

      Being overweight is a serious health issue and, in my opinion, a personal choice. With that being said, I’m chubby myself, and I don’t think people should be treated better or worse for being overweight. It’s people with individual personalities that are fat, not fat that owns people. Seriously.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hellhath.nofury.313 Hell Hath No Fury

        Agree you are fat because you choose to overeat. I am too. I hang out w/ fatties.