Let’s Listen To Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe And Amanda Seyfried Sing In Les Miserables

A new trailer for Les Miserables is out! And it’s not just a very, very slim Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed A Dream!” Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are all also singing! But most importantly…

Helena Bonham Carter is in this and she is wearing an absolutely insane wig. I am pretty sure that no one during that period was dressing as though they were married to Tim Burton, but, you know, I’m in love with Helena Bonham Carter. I think she’s wonderful. I’m also pretty keen to see her paired off against Sasha Baron Cohen.

Also, the trailer is not working because everything is a nightmare. Go look at it here, watch it, now.

And as someone who, at 12, listened to the Les Miserables soundtrack pretty much every day as I did my math homework (we both knew what it was to be put upon and suffer, those characters and I) I will probably see this twenty times and will be judging it very harshly, since I have a regional theater company’s 1998 performance to compare it to.

Yeah, this version will probably be better. Mostly because of Helena Bonham Carter’s outrageous wig. It’s going to be 77% better just because of that. And it’s coming out on Christmas day, so you should probably start lining up for it now.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/sarahjane.maynard Sarah Jane Maynard

      where is the link? you big tease!

    • Brianna

      I loved the book. The movie probably won’t be as good but I still can’t wait to see it.

    • Lauren

      I also listened to this soundtrack while doing homework. I saw it twice on Broadway and even did my senior year of high school theater project where we had to perform a lip sync and act it out to On My Own. I got an A because Eponine and I just understood each other. I knew what unrequited love where you would actually die to be near that person was at 17. I knew what suffering was, I got a used car when I got my license…….

      I too will be seeing his 20 times. I serioulsy can’t wait.

      • LaLa

        ^^^ This. This was my teens. I will also watch this 20 times. But I might up the ante and sing along. I did that when Phantom came out and I thought my friend was going to punch me in the face. (Sometimes I’m the worst)

      • Lauren

        Yeah, I sang along with Phantom too. I’m also the worst. I have friends that refuse to watch musicals with me. I understand. Those friends will only go see Broadway shows with me if I don’t know the music (yet).

    • http://twitter.com/katipettit1 Kati

      I played Eponine once in high school, so she’s my girl. Who hasn’t felt the sadness of unrequited love? And On My Own is the best song ever. I’m so glad I finally got to hear other songs besides I Dreamed A Dream, I’ve been wanting more! And still want more… How does Sacha Baron Cohen sound?! I may spontaneously break into One Day More on Christmas Eve. This is the first year I’ve had a countdown to Christmas before Thanksgiving is over…