• Fri, Nov 9 2012

George Clooney Has A Sister! And She’s Talking About Whether Or Not He’s Gay.

george clooney sister

First of all, this is Adelia Zeidler, George Clooney‘s sister.

I don’t know how I imagined George Clooney’s sister. Bejeweled and flying across the land on a magic swan, like a prominent feature in Kim Job Il’s dream-life, I guess. I periodically forget that famous people have perfectly normal family members. And she does seem exceedingly normal – she has two children, lives in Kentucky and worked as a bookkeeper.

And she is going to tell you whether or not George Clooney is gay! When asked, Zeidler told The Daily Mail:

‘Yes that’s quite ridiculous, we don’t even listen when people say things like that anymore….I think he decided that in his life he could have the career or he could have a family and so when he decided to go full bore into the acting, that was where his focus was going to be.’

But he’s not getting married! Except for, you know, that one time he got married. Adelia explains:

‘If he was going to get married he would want to be a husband and be somebody who would be there, who would have the time and the ability to focus on the family and the wife and the home and all of that. And in the business that he is in he has to be able to get up and go. The majority of actors don’t really make their marriages work.’

I’m a little depressed by how normal and rational and sensible this woman seems. I think it’s time for her to begin cultivating some outlandish opinions and personality traits immediately. I know of a swan shop.

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  • Renee

    Damn do I love it when reasonable people are reasonable. It is so refreshing after all the other batshit crazy that gets spread around on a daily basis.