What The Place You Got Your Ears Pierced In Says About You

Punching holes
Claires: You got your ears pierced between the ages of 10 and 12. Your name almost certainly ends in an “-ey.” Your parents paid for the piercing and the studs, but you insisted they stay home while you went with your friends. Later that day, you shoplifted for the first time.

A doctor’s office: You had to beg your mother every day for a month in order to get her to even consider letting you put holes in your ears (Holes in your ears, sweetheart! I just don’t understand why you want to hurt yourself). In college, you became an atheist. Over winter break sophomore year you and your father got into the biggest argument you’d ever had over whether or not you’d attend Christmas services. You didn’t end up going, but wished you had as soon as your parents pulled out of the driveway. You’ve let the holes in your ears close up, but now you have an eyebrow piercing.

Alternately, this was done when you were a baby. If that was the case, you grew up wanting for nothing and regularly matched your eyeshadow to your nail polish as a teenager. Your parents let you watch any movie you want, even the R-rated ones.

Summer camp/a friend’s house: You were in the fastest swimming group and got along with everyone. As an adult, you have been the maid of honor in more than ten bridal parties.

At home, from a relative: You have a large, boisterous family and at least seven aunts on your father’s side. None of them are accustomed to taking “no” for an answer. You didn’t really want to have your ears pierced at all, but that wouldn’t have stopped any of them. You were eight at the time. In high school, the only class you ever got a grade lower than a B+ in was PE.

A tattoo parlor: You were either 25 and had never gotten your ears pierced (and felt too ridiculous trying to go to Claire’s at your age), or you were 14 and went with your much older boyfriend. You are currently underemployed and looking to go back to school, but you’re not sure what for yet.

Never: You are a bold and mysterious woman who walks alone and has received a box full of clip-on earrings from her grandmother.

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    • Logana

      Wrong. I got my ears pierced when I was a baby at Claire’s, and I would never do that to my mum and dad, and I hate my friends with a fiery passion.

      • mallelis

        But did you shoplift anything that day??

      • Logana

        No. I was a baby.

      • mallelis

        We cannot argue on that point! In the matter of whether or not you were a baby at the time, we are as two minds with but a single thought and two hearts that beat as one. I admire your self-restraint in not stealing anything that day, baby though you may have been.

    • Quin

      I got my first holes in my earlobes at Claire’s (yes parents, no shoplifting :/) and my second holes at Walmart.

      So what does “pierced her own cartilage in a dorm room bathroom in the first month of college” say about me?

      • http://www.facebook.com/spookie.spookster Spookie Fitzgerald

        utterly resistant to going to a piercer, despite being of legal age to sign the waiver.

      • Quin

        Maybe I should have added “as a 17 year old”; I skipped a grade in high school.

    • Amanda

      I got my ears pierced at Wal-Mart. Does that mean that I’m a super redneck? (Cause that Wal Mart sure was…)

    • Sydney

      What about the Piercing Pagoda stand at the mall?

    • Renee

      I was a baby, so I don’t remember where…but based on this scarily accurate, and therefore obviously scientifically-based classification system, it must have been at a doctor’s office.

    • http://iwanttheseshoes.blogspot.com Olivia Moore

      ummm hello piercing pagoda?!

      • mallelis

        GUYS please educate me; WHAT is a piercing pagoda? I have never heard of them and clearly they need to be added to this list.

      • http://iwanttheseshoes.blogspot.com Olivia Moore

        it was one of those free standing kiosks in the mall usually like in the center of the walkway between the actual stores you know? they sell jewelry and usually free ear piercings when you buy the earrings.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01630618d61f970d breehat

      I got my piercing a day after birth in a hospital, before my mom and I were discharged.

    • MeenaK

      Claire’s- none of it was true for me :( I was 7, a pro ballerina so I paid w/ my own money, parent took me to Claire’s, my name does not end with an -ey, nor did I shoplift. Defying the norm.

    • Alyssa

      I got my ears pierced when I was 12 at Claires…my name however does not end in ey and I brought my mom with me because I was a scared little bitch and I hate needles.

    • Liz

      What about Piercing Pagoda? That’s where I got mine done.

      And then Walmart, where I got them peirced again after Piercing Pagoda let me chose earrings that were so small that they went into the holes but wouldn’t come back out and we had to go to the emergency room to get them removed.

    • Cat

      Hah I got mine pierced the summer I turned 6 at a folk music festival my family went to after picking my older sister up from summer camp. It was one of those things I was prepared to beg for all weekend but never expected to get, so I was sooo surprised and excited when my mom finally said yes on the last day

    • PP

      Piercing Pagoda…it’s classier than Claire’s and they cater specifically to pierced ears.

    • logan


    • logan

      also mom said i could get my ears pierced when i got my first period but at 14 i was like omg mom it’s never happening can i please just please and she was like yes ok

    • http://helloalle.com/ Alle

      I got mine pierced at the hair salon on my 16th birthday. The woman who cut my hair didn’t even had a gun, it was like a little plastic cube with the earring pre-loaded in it & which punched the sharp-backed earring through the lobe. I still have them (they were silver stars).

      I wish I could say it was traumatic, but all of my friends had had their ears pierced the same way when they were about 11. Oh, Australia in the 90s!

    • Maggie

      Well, I got my ears pierced for the first time at a tattoo parlor at age 19 (because I was struck by a sudden desire to pierce my ears, and that was the nearest place to do it), but then the holes closed up and I got them repierced at Claire’s at age 21. Not sure where that puts me…

    • LillyRowan

      What if you pierced your own?

    • AbenaC

      Mine were done at the doctor’s office when I was 6 (don’t remember why we went there, my mom probably thought the piercing places were too dirty), but my parents are hippie athiests, so I didn’t have much to rebel against.

    • Cate

      I pierced my ears myself, with a darning needle, in my bathroom at the age of thirteen. The first doctor’s office scenario applies to me more closely than the others, though, as I only pierced my own ears because my father wouldn’t allow me to get them done by a qualified professional.

      • leila

        same here but im 13 and not done it yet im scared does it hurt

      • Cate

        Not really. However, I’d suggest you get a friend to do it for you, as they are more likely to do it evenly and smoothly. Sterilize everything, and make sure you use a large, sharp needle. Use surgical steel or 24 karat gold studs for the first three months, turn your earrings every day, and clean them with peroxide, never alcohol. Better than all of this, though, is if you can get a sympathetic older family member to take you to a place that actually offers professional piercings, even a friend’s older sibling could work. Ask around before you go DIY.

        P.S. My Disqus account was hacked by militant body mod terrorists and I didn’t actually write any of this because I would NEVER corrupt the youth of this great country. Be safe kiddo!

    • Selahmarie11

      At age 9, “But (my best friend) has them!” actually worked, and mom took me to the Piercing Pagoda.