Gallery: Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried And The Rest Of The Les Miserables Cast Appear As Their Characters In Vogue

Do you enjoy musicals, period garb, and seeing how much skinnier an already-thin starlet can get if she eats only oatmeal paste squares? Then you’ll love the December issue of Vogue, which features some gorgeous pictures Annie Leibovitz shot on set of the hotly anticipated Les Miserables movie. Lookin’ good, guys! And, as this is a musical about history, it’s bound to be educational as well as fun to watch. For instance, did you know that 19th century French peasants were all really ridiculously good looking? The more you know.

Photos: Vogue

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    • Fabel

      I think I’m finally properly excited for this movie, after seeing these shots.

    • Lauren

      While these were all stunning, I’m sad that Samantha Barks and Aaron Tveit weren’t featured too. They play Eponine and Enjolres respectively and are my two favorite characters. I guess because they are just lowly theater actors and not big movie stars they don’t get to do a Vogue spread.

      • kb

        My thoughts as well! Eponine has the best part!