Gallery: 10 Men You Should Avoid Like The Plague (Unless You Like Drama, Of Course)

You know how your relationship with this guy is going to end...

Dating has to be one of the most difficult things in the world. If our readers’ submissions for Dating Hijinks, haven’t proven that and neither have your own dating experiences, then you’re either lucky or you have a different idea of what constitutes a good time.

Once you’ve been dating long enough you finally start to realize the type of people you need to avoid (and of course, those you should hang on to for dear life.) If they don’t show their true colors on the first, second or even fifth date, eventually all will be made very clear to you. It’s in that moment of clarity that you need to decide if you want to run or hang in there for what’s liable to be, well, something interesting.

So who should you avoid? These guys — at least for your own sanity. Although crazy can be fun. Really really fun.


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    • Lastango

      Completely agree. None of these types make good friends, either. Most of them want something you can’t supply, and they want it 24/7, by the truckload.

      I can think of a few to add to your list, but so can everyone else reading this thread.

    • ThatGuy

      I really cant agree with the steak as a measure of the guy. Some people just like rare steak!

    • mm

      I’ve deff had the gamer, the guy who doesn’t read, and the wannabe actor (almost rockstar, I think). STAY AWAY! All horrible. And you’re right, the games always come first. How many times did I yell about how a fake reality was more important than me? Too many.

    • Amy

      I think the ‘Momma’s Boy’ one is overused and wrong. Firstly, since when is love a competition? If you think you have to ‘win’ ALL his love away from his mother so you can totally dominate ALL his love then there’s something wrong with you not him. Secondly a guy who has a good relationship with his mother probably respects women and has a solid emotional base to work from. When they don’t speak to their mothers or moved across country to get away from them – that’s usually a sign of problems.

      • boo

        I’d rather date a guy who loves his mom than a guy who’s a dick to his mom!!

    • Samantha Escobar

      Oh good god I never want to date an artist. And anybody who is a dick to waiters is 100% undateable in my eyes, troof.

      • Amanda Chatel

        It’s “artiste,” Sam. Far worse than an “artist.” WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND MY ARTISTIC VISION?!?

    • hushsound44

      Trying dating the Dick to Waiters, Gamer, and Momma’s Boy all in one! GAH!!

    • Daney

      The wanna be rockstar was great! Like it or not, that Foo fighters guy is a pretentious dipshit. And a mediocre musician at best.

    • BS

      I refuse to date anyone who ISN’T a gamer, on the basis that I want to date someone who shares my interests. I definitely agree on the dick to wait staff one, though – no one wants to date a douchebag.

    • Ali

      I’m currently dating an “artiste” and he is awesome. Just sayin’. There are exceptions to the rule every now and then.