Guess What Cara Delevingne Ate Before The Victoria’s Secret Show

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne‘s statement to Beauty High is kind of going to make you hate a lot of things. But mostly, God. Mostly it will make you hate God.

She explains that:

I had McDonald’s for lunch yesterday and pizza for dinner. I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat. This morning … I was like, I’m going to be a f*** bitch if I don’t eat.

But she works out all the time! Right!? Right? She’s like Michael Phelps, who works out so much she needs 10,000 calories a day!


When asked if she did anything to prepare:

I mean, I’ve been working everyday in different countries, so I haven’t really had time, which probably helps with the stress of flying around, but no, nothing.

You know, I could live on kale and go to boot camp classes every day and I would still not be able to look like Cara Delevingne. Which is liberating, sort of, right? We don’t really need to hate God for giving some people absurdly good genes. If it’s all just genetics then we can all just focus on loving our own bodies and eating McDonald’s and pizza! That is truly liberating.

And, if that’s not reassuring, take heart, she could be lying.

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    • EWells2188

      She’s lying.

    • Candace

      I think shes lying. Because in part of that same interview, she says she doesnt shape her eyebrows. And thats obviously false.

    • Cee

      I find it quite peculiar that all Victoria’s Secret models or models in general claim to eat the equivalent of a heart attack every day. I think they are instructed to do this to seem more homely, but can they not treat us like were completely stupid? At least say you got small fries or that this isnt your daily menu.

    • Lauren

      I hate her as I sit here eating my lunch consisting of 2% plain Greek Yogurt, a banana, celery and grapes.

    • pree

      she’s not lying. i know tons of skinny girls with super fast metabolisms that can eat whatever the hell they want and never gain a pound. it’s just genes.

    • BriW

      I clicked on this article expecting to hate myself for having an open bag of Doritos on my lap, but now I think I might just finish the damn bag… Whether out of spite or hope, I’m not quite sure yet.

    • Benita

      Some of them are naturally very thin and then others, like Adriana Lima, do have to restrict their eating. Don’t forget how young some of these models are, I can buy that she has a fast metabolism. I kind of feel sorry for these women because they get shit no matter what they claim to eat. If it’s too much, they are lying. If it’s too little then they are setting a bad example.

    • Bells

      I think she probably eats like a bird and occasionally eats junk food. And then she drops the occasional burger on the interviews. Sure, there are some people who have fast metabolisms. But they’re also very active and they don’t eat like pigs, like they say they do. Well, it’s so nice to brag about how you can eat all the food in the world and can’t gain weight while everyone else is trying so hard to lose it, right?

      • MEB

        I agree with the eating like a bird. Maybe for her, she feels like she eats a lot but in actuality she might eat healthy portions compared to other people.

    • JennyWren

      Well, she is very young. Not that I had that metabolism when I was 20, but I’m also a good foot shorter than her so I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I just think maybe we shouldn’t be asking models these questions at all; either they’re naturally lucky or they’re working out far, far harder than people whose main business isn’t their looks could work out so either way they are never going to be representative of the majority of the population. It would be nice to have a few different body shapes/sizes up there as well though.

      Mind you, I don’t really want to see any adult woman dressed up as a…um, sexy…pinwheel girl? Is that a thing? Including this one.

    • Jon

      There are more than a few candids of her on Twitter/Tumblr eating pizza, McDonald’s, etc. so it wouldn’t out of the realm of possibility that she has a fast metabolism.

    • likac05

      How old is she? 16? 17? She’s still growing, she needs a lot of energy. Speaking of her age, I think it’s ridiculous that 17-year-old girl is trying to sell me provocative lingerie.

      • Karly

        She’s 20 you idiot

      • likac05

        No need to be rude, you impolite piece of shit.

    • Noely

      A few burgers maybe and lots of cocaine, that’s what keeps her thin!