• Tue, Nov 13 2012

Listen To People Be Outraged Over These $15,000 Jimmy Choo Teletubby Bags

teletubby jimmy choo purse

Listen to what people are saying about the new Jimmy Choo Teletubby bag! Listen to how angry they are!

The Daily Mail claims that the bags are “an insult to grown-up woman everywhere” and that:

If you were feeling charitable, you could say shoe designer Jimmy Choo’s latest piece would make a passable Christmas tree-topper or quickly discarded present for a toddler who loves the Teletubbies. But depressingly, this clutch bag is aimed at grown women and is described by the company as the ‘ultimate artistic expression’.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, you go, Daily Mail. I am high fiving you through the Internet.

MSN gets unusually sassy and says:

Please don’t talk to us about pandas and high art. We know when we’re looking at a Teletubby. We don’t really care how many sparkling Swarovski crystals (there are 11,000) adorn this ridiculous $15,100 Jimmy Choo handbag, or which famous artist has designed and signed it; no woman over the age of five needs a 3D Teletubby hanging from her shoulder on a golden strap.

Well, now that everyone else has taken my “hating-women-children-stuff” stance I suppose I should try to take an opposing view.

Here at TheGloss we think, well, golly, we think you have the freedom to be the kind of woman you want to be. And if the kind of woman you want to be is the kind of woman who capers down the street eating fistfuls of cupcakes with a $15,000 Teletubby hanging from your shoulder then… oh, who am I kidding? I can’t keep this up. I think you’re out of your little child sized mind.

Pic via Jimmy Choo

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