Gallery: V Magazine Celebrates ‘Girl Power’ With Photos Of Androgynous (And Ripped) Female Bodies

V Magazine’s ‘Girl Power’ issue sure does have a lot of diversity. Apparently, “girl power” encompasses everyone from that creepy human Barbie person to…well, actual powerful girls. For their “Studs” editorial, V shot several androgynous women (“athletes, artists, lovers”) whose queer identity marks them as “studs” rather than “tomboys,” at least according to the woman in the accompanying video. Because it’s fun to imagine I am friends with cool and attractive people, I’m going to make up personalities for them. As lovers.

(Via TheCut)

Photos: Nick Knight

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    • Topf

      This is absolutely beautiful. I wish this type of beauty were shown more. It moves me way more than the type of beauty that is mainstream these days. I loooove androgynous people.

    • Maggie

      I feel very sexually confused right now, cause my mind is saying both “DAYUM, WOMEN” and “I am jealous of her abs/butt.” Overall though, DAYUM.