Let’s Compare Valeria Lukyonova, The Human Barbie, To Actual Barbies

Valeria Lukyonova

You know, I feel like we call any woman who has had a huge amount of plastic surgery a “human Barbie.” That’s certainly the case with Valeria Lukyonova, the 21 year who has modified herself to look like a living doll. But while she may look more like a doll than any other person, how does she compare to actual barbies? Let’s evaluate pictures from her shoot in V magazine compared to actual Barbies.

Valerie pictures via V Magazine

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    • Candace

      Do Ukranian Barbie’s not smile???

    • Naomy

      That’s actually the Black Canary barbie, not the biker Barbie. She’s a DC Comics hero.

    • Danny

      Does she come with her own Winnabago Motorhome?

    • Stella L.

      This woman has definitely entered the uncanny valley.

    • homasapiens

      No vapid smile!

    • Juci Shockwave

      I don’t like her. She is too pretty to be pouting and sad. I’m not a perfect specimen of our species, but wow… I’m more photogenic than this woman is. I’m a pale skin, gray hair hobbit (with an appearance of a 12 yr ol girl & I’m 30) compare to her, but I photograph more well than her. I at least throw a smile, and my smiles tend to be very pure and genuine. This Barbie gal doesn’t even try. If she were a true Barbie doll she would smile like Barbie does. :)

      • Loud Lovin’ Lisa

        “More well”? Ever heard of the word “better”? You have totally discredited yourself, honey.