• Thu, Nov 15 2012

Lindsay Lohan Has A Half Sister

lindsay lohan half sister

Michael Lohan is terrible and chose to announce the fact that he fathered Lindsay Lohan‘s half sister, Ashley, on the Trisha talk show. Seriously.

There are pretty great lines about how:

Michael told this girl to call him “Daddy”

Michael promised to take this girl to Disneyland

Michael has been asked to do a DNA test 4 times

Maury Povich is involved? And says stuff? 

I don’t know. This seems horrible and sad for everyone involved, especially Lindsay’s half sister, Ashley, who quite sensibly points out that she does not want to be part of the “Lohan trainwreck.”And, when Michael rises to hug her, she leaps away shouting “no, no, no” which again, is very sensible. This is, after all, a man who reacted to Lindsay calling him saying her mother was high on cocaine by telling her that the limo driver was trying to kidnap her. That seems like the kind of person one should leap away from. So, well done, Ashley, a sane life is worth more than some sort of vaguely promised trip to Disneyland.

I genuinely believe that Michael Lohan watches soap operas and uses them as a blueprint for how to live his life.

Maury seems okay, though, and I feel good about that.

Pic via Trisha


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