Why Did Karl Lagerfeld Sketch Obama In This Bizarre Way?

Okay, this happened. Karl Lagerfeld made this picture for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Are you ready for it? Click through. Brace yourself.

obama karl lagerfeld

I’m sure there was a perfectly reasonable reason that Karl Lagerfeld decided to portray Obama as a chef carrying the White House as a cake, because… yes. Of course there is.

Lagerfeld remarks that “the subject was inspiring” and “I couldn’t do it before; I’m superstitious.”

Nope, I’m wrong. There was not a rational explanation after all.

In case you are wondering, the German reads “the greatest chef in the world, 10 by 5 stars.” As if America were a cake to be devoured. I think there are a lot of different ways a lot of different people can go with this illustration, and none of them are remotely reasonable. However, it may still interest you to know that Karl Lagerfeld illustrated the entire thing using Shu Uemura make-up. He just scrawled it in lipstick, like a small child.

I believe Karl Lagerfeld may just be fucking with everyone at this point. I bet he is secretly a really normal man who likes to kick back in his den and watch football, and these wacky stunts are just so that no one ever finds out.

Picture via WWD via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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    • Topf

      The reason is the semantic ambivalence of the word “Chef”. In German, “Chef” means “boss” while, for example, in French (KL’s work language), it means the same it means in English. The drawing alludes to that ambivalence. He is trying to say that Obama is the coolest boss. A bit clumsy because not the whole world speaks German and knows this detail but oh well.

      • name

        Well chef in French also means chief or boss… As in “Chef d’Etat”?? Also Obama is Commander in Chief so his play on words makes sense. Not that I’m trying to deconstruct Karl Largerfeld that man is cray

      • Topf

        Yeah, I think the drawing can still be interpreted to be inappropriate. But oh well. And sorry for the French slip.