Are You Offended By This Rapey Domino’s Pizza Ad?

A new Dominos pizza ad campaign is proving “controversial” for its use of rape innuendo via the phrase “no is the new yes.” Here’s one of the ads:

As you can see, Dominos has constructed a clever pizza/rape double entendre to imply that they are going to rape you…with flavor! You are going to take these pizza toppings whether you want them or not, little girl, and you are going to like it!

Did they think all us girls were going to be like “Haha, oh shit, for a second there I thought you were going to rape me with non-consensual sex, but now that I see it is only pizza, I am so relieved. Being relieved makes me hungry. I will take five large pies, please. Surprise me! I hate having a say about what goes in my body!” Because if there’s one thing I like with my pizza, it’s a reminder that I always have to worry if some guy is going to violate my bodily autonomy, and that much of society thinks that’s cute and funny.

Just kidding, I do not like that at all and this ad is some stupid bullshit. I’d say they were doing it to stir up controversy, but I’m not even sure they’re that tricky. I think it’s more likely that they have resurrected some zombie Don Drapers from the year 1960 and let them put whatever they want on the pizza boxes, because that sounds like a more rational explanation to me than “it’s the year 2012, and people still think this is okay.”

(Via HuffPost)

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    • Maggie

      I’m definitely offended. There are so many different ways they could’ve promoted the fact that these pizzas come with only certain ingredients, and the fact that they went with the obviously “rapey” one makes me really not want to eat a Domino’s product ever again.

    • Scarlett

      After what happened in NYC (I think) where a woman was raped by a pizza delivery boy, I think this is in really poor taste. I am offended. Also @Maggie… why eat Domino’s to begin with?

      • Samantha Escobar

        All disgusting innuendos aside, they were already the Todd Akin of pizza.

    • JennyWren

      I’m willing to go out on a limb and say this is possibly just an example of monumental stupidity. I mean, the prospect of a bunch of marketing execs sitting around and staring at this for a while and not seeing a problem would be bad enough, but preferable to a company intentionally making a rape joke. So maybe I’m just reflecting my own desperate wishes for peace of mind…

    • Renee

      I think it is possible that someone just didn’t make that connection when they okay’d this. After reading the smaller script below it, it sounds like they are the ones who are switching from saying yes (to changing the toppings) to saying no (having set recipes). It seems like they may not have made the connection to the “No means no” slogan. It seems possible that this is an honest, if ignorant and ill-advised, mistake.

    • LisaDisqus

      Sorry but I just don’t see it. They’re riffing on the fashion saying “____(colour) is the new black” I don’t see any connection to “No means No”. Every use of the words yes and no don’t have to insinuate consent vs rape.

    • Nancy

      Yeah, I agree with @disqus_xyJbWSeEda:disqus @disqus_0Ic1s0ySbN:disqus and @LisaDisqus:disqus . Taken in context, I don’t think they meant to relate to rape at all, just fashion. And even if it were related to rape, saying “No is the new yes” in relation to them not allowing the ingredients in their recipes be changed, seems like it’d imply that they won’t allow their customer to ‘rape’ their recipes, if anything. Which would be a dumb joke, but I don’t think that’s what they were going for anyway. I think it’s related to colors in fashion, and they just cutesy-d it up to soften the blow to their more irrational customers.

    • Stella L.

      I don’t think this has anything to do with consent. There is enough actual, creepy misogynist culture out there without getting offended over something like this.

      Still not ordering from Domino’s though because their pizza sucks.

    • J

      This is retarded. Has nothing to do with rape. Just over thinking about this. ITS A SLOGAN!

    • doc255

      Ladies, it’s time for you to get over yourselves. It’s NOT always about you. Frankly, I find it sad that you have nothing better to do than over-analyze every printed, spoken or implied word or thought, hoping to identify something new and different to be offended by.

    • paul armetta

      Don’t think they meant any harm by this ad. I think they mean just no to adding toppings.

    • Jofe Ferrer

      What is happening to us? It appears that every interest group is looking for a reason to become indignant and seek their 15-seconds of fame. Aren’t we tired of this? Next, the very learned Rev Sharpton will tell us that round pizza with “green vegetables” has racial overtones and we should all feel guilty. Get real, it is Pizza and every two weeks they change their advertisements. In truth, I suspect someone is targeting Dominoes because the the former owner is not as “enlightened” as they are…

    • Scott Alan

      May be the reason women will never be given enough credibility due to wound up losers like this.


      This ad is HIGHLY offensive, whether you have been a victim, or know someone who has been! There HAD to have been a better way to get their point across! Domino’s Pizza will NEVER be in our house!

    • John Jerome

      Domino’s is not the “dumb asses here”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!