What Should You Do If Your Friend Has A Drug Problem?

Look super fucking cool, probably.

Yesterday, the world reeled to learn that Bon Jovi‘s teen daughter had overdosed on heroin in her dorm room at Hamilton College. While it was a little too real for most of us to imagine well-heeled nineteen-year-olds using heroin, it happens more than you want to think. Her friends called the cops–resulting in her arrest–but what other recourse did they have? Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff discuss the tricky business of dealing with a close friend’s drug problem.

Jennifer:  So, Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter got arrested for doing heroin. What I find most surprising about this is that, supposedly, her friends turned her in? To the police? First of all, I cannot imagine being in a room with anyone doing heroin, because I am really dull. But I double plus cannot imagine, upon seeing, I don’t know, you, doing heroin, picking up the phone and saying “I’m going to let the po-po handle this.”

Ashley:  You have to stop using “po-po.” Please. For everybody.

Jennifer:  That’s what people in the know call them. It’s in Urban Dictionary.

Ashley:  Also. I believe they called the police because they thought she had overdosed? As in, they called 9-1-1 because it was an emergency? Hopefully not because they felt it to be perfecting narking time? …The narking hour?

Jennifer:  The narking hour is 7:52 in my house, because you can still get in a late movie afterwards!

Ashley:  That makes a lot of sense.

Jennifer:  It does. As does calling the police when you think someone has overdosed.

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    • anna

      I am someone who has lived with, been in a relationship with, and eventually married and am almost divorced from someone with severe drug and mental problems.

      While I find your discussions, this one included, always hilarious and clever, in all
      seriousness, there is nothing as painful as watching someone you love become a drug addict. I have been through many painful situations and watching my fiancee slowly disappear before my eyes due to the constant highs is the worst thing i’ve been through. for 7 years, we were together, and for 3 or 4 we were troubled but happy and healthy. Our marriage was based on me trying to save him constantly, and him trying to be sanefor me. As a bi polar person he wasn’t the most stable to begin with, but an alcohol, cocaine and pain killers addiction just exacerbated a huge problem.

      No one should ever, ever have to go through that pain. I for one will never get over that. If they can find my husband, who has vanished in light of divorce, even then I’m not sure if I could ever give up hope. At 25 I feel like a widow, the man i love is gone but i always hope he’ll come back to me.

      in short kids, don’t do drugs. if you do, don’t get addicted. don’t ever make anyone who loves you go through the agony of trying to help you get better. i cannot tell you how many times i almost snapped and started using myself. no one deserves that, ever.

    • MR

      The person has to want to help him or herself. When I went ‘dry’ 24 years ago, I broke contact with a lot of my friends. But I’ve made so many new ones since then.

    • DreaTheGreat

      tedious.unfunny.not clever.boring as hell.